Saturday, January 30, 2010


Fame is out (!!!!)
One of the movies I was looking forward to,
Not sure if it'll be good but im into these sorta movies/tv shows like how im into Glee now. :)
Adding to that, Kherington Payne, So You Think You Can Dance season 4 is in it. Not my favourite contestant but definitely my favourite season!

I want to watch!
Now I know you want to watch too :D :D :D


something i came across while disinfecting my old thumbdrive.
Us singing one of Justin Timberlake's songs in Siew Lee's while wrapping roses for Valentines day back in 2006 I think.
There is another more hilarious one but I need permission first :P

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I can take a bullet.
but not two; where it hurts.

I feel like alphabet soup.
drink till your done and all you see is scramble letters.

sometimes, impossible to read

Monday, January 25, 2010


Pictures from Adrie's pretty G11. *envyyy

Sunday, January 24, 2010

run before-

Old old pictures I found again.
Im pretty sure all these were taken 3 years ago while we were in form four. :)


Its the 23rd and it marks the end of my long dreadful January finals. (happy sighs)
What sucks is Im heading back to hostel tomorrow (Sunday when today is a Saturday) to begin my 3rd semester on Monday -_-
I shall breathe in this last few free-home-living 24 hours and not complain!
Okay let me squeeze in one more complain ok; Of all Saturday nights that you were away, I had to eat dinner home alone (unhealthy McDonalds if you must). Yes of all days that my parents had a gathering.
Last Saturday holiday [plus] dinner alone [equals] emo.
*complain ends.

I know im really boring you right now but I am just going to proceed. huhu.
This semester wasnt easy. Namely, unwillingly being in assignment groups where you end up doing all the work because others just want to do enough to pass.
And of course all the other little things like
  • how my room feels like the breeding nest for miniature spiders,
  • how I have to carefully plan my what-to-eat for the week just in case I accidentally overspend because I dont like overspending on food especially something like cafeteria food :( [Kay saw my what-to-eat plan in my journal so embarassing]
  • how hot it gets in the room and I only have a rotating ceiling fan. Okay luckily I brought my mini stand fan,
  • how the bugs come to shelter in my room when it rains. grrr, get your own room,
  • how the room feels mouldy because of the humidity. Yes my unused bag that I left untouched for a few weeks had mould,
  • how much I dislike feeling alone.
  • Not to mention that I have a sleeping problems when i think im alone (!!)
Mind you these are not complains, just plain true facts!

Well get ready let me tell you whats up for the next semester.
  1. Quantitative Methods for Business part B(also known as Maths)
  2. Principles of Accounting part B
  3. World Economics
  4. Macroeconomics
  5. Business Functions
  6. Legal Concepts.
I am scared the shit out of my bones for the next semester!!

Craving for Ramli burger & Haagen Daaz (!!!)
(dont copy me harhar-inside joke).

Friday, January 22, 2010


Its raining now and I can help but stone with tired eyes.
It hasnt rain at night in a while now hasnt it?

I wonder what are you doing.


its not that i mind.
its just that i really want to call you


Even when I can hear the clock ticking or the tap running, I can still here the buzz.
The buzz almost vacuum-liked – Like the ones when you close your eyes and ears tightly.
Sometimes I want silence, pin drop silence but I cant get the buzz out of my head.
I need to stop concentrating and trying.

This is almost related. (?)

When I envision something in perfect sequence and progressions – although not entirely imaginary, nothing happens.
Im pass the time to breathe all that in and go; sigh, ive made it.
I still have a little ‘time’ left to spare, but to what extent should I wrestle for it?
Do I throw the more realistic ways, away.
Do I try for ‘time’ and throw myself in the unknown- although yes, I do have faith. I really do but they don’t.

Tv shows are liars made to let you believe the unlikely things.

Mi chiedo se ti chiama

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


My love for cupcakes and pretty ones at that!
These are not Cuppacakes by Wondermilk.
I am browsing through them as we speak ! :P
I wonder if they're any good as they appear.
Must go try them (!!!)


come home

Picture's from Nancy's camera.
Was invited along to join Darren's (also Kay's) college friends to suprise Lily for her upcoming birthday at Piccadilly's.

Not bad of a place and the food was so-so.
I kinda like the simple setting.
and yes, they literally serve everything.

post cake smash face

haha cute picture!!! notice the t shirt colours.

Happy Birthday Lily! :)

Went lunch with Adrienna plus Ivan today at Nando's.
yess Nando's over Kenny Roger's (!!)

Thank you once again for accompanying me to Sunway college and taking those videos :P
Did not hang out long enough!
See you a few months. ;)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the messenger

Pointless post:

Very very busy!
Had IT exam today and everything was ay-okay until we reached the last page.
Out of my 1 and half hours of exam I had half hour left for the last page and I just stared at it for almost 10 minutes. :(
*the paper had three parts each with further sections and that last page was the third section of the third part.
I really feel like emailing the teacher so I can have a peace of mind that its actually do-able.

So my next exam will be on Saturday which is Economics.
I have 3 and a half days for that so I shall sit back and relax for a moment :D
Heading out to see Adrienna tomorrow !!

Gonna catch Grey's Anatomy now.
Will re-blog later.

Sunday, January 17, 2010



Happy Birthday Lim Shing Vee!
I was wondering how I should wish you since im not sure if my text can travel to your Hong Kong phone.
So yes, happy 21st! :)
See you soon.!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

boring rant

Good morning everyone.
Its 9.13am now and Im so lazy to start studying just yet.

Not sure if there's anything around for breakfast either :(
I realised that i've been on my own alot of times for finding food these days. -_-
Sometimes even the whole day. sigh.

Accounts paper yesterday was a little more on the tougher side.
Do-able but not enough time grr! No time to even attempt to double check. Okay cross that, I think I didnt really answer the essay part in full. :(
It didnt really bum me much, cause I knew I attempted writing my answers at maximum speed already.

Came home feeling moody (not because of exam)
I think I have the slightest hint of why but I cant put my finger on it.
Maybe its just a little of this and that.

Decided to sleep on it.
Nope, dont feel any better.

I know I complain a lot :(
Only because I dont have to worry that my blog gets annoyed..

Monday, January 11, 2010


1) I wish I could
2) You always get what you want, dont you.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pretty layout calls for motivation to blog :D

A new year but everyday still feels routine-like to me.

sigh, finals.
Who ever has finals in January ?! (I do.. ]: )
Cant wait to get it overr with and finally feel like my year is beginning.
by which everyone is starting to settle in university *pops confetti. -alone

Have been home for 3 days and counting (!!!)
everyone is sort of busy and going out makes me feel guilty.
But really, there's no difference because the tv and I have been glued together and of course as you can see, ive been more of a frequent blogger.

can we all hold hands and sigh for my sake.

Picca from going out with Lyn and Kay the other day.
Next time I shall bring my own camera.
Inefficient uploader !! Got exam mehhh nowwww :P

Lying mirror.

Hello 91's. We are going to be 20 next year. :(

Saturday, January 9, 2010

silver linings

I have this positive bubble wrapper around my head.
Though it is completely at opposites now, ive always had a knick of intuitionism.
Mine’s not too shabby.

If thats how I see where im headed, then thats where im going to be.

Suddenly this got me thinking,
If people never imagine themselves in a particular situation would they ever come across it.
Do we only psyche ourselves into believing luck and go with the flow.
( I don’t feel like using question marks. It’s too submissive )

Is it really our intuition or are we actually mistakenly working hard for it.

Come to think of it,
I do psyche myself into believing things till I end up unintentionally work hard for it.
If I had an intuition but chose to ignore it, chances are it never would have happen/ed.
The rest, I believe is up to chances.

My point is,
Maybe there is no degree of measuring our intuition.
Just how much we want to believe it.

My headache is ovaaaaa.
Thank God seriously.

I know I should be worried that finals are in err 2 days ?!
And with all the people spamming facebook with their study progress (sigh -_-)

But honestly, I never felt so relax and unworried before. (Not because I am overconfident mind you)
Those who know me, know that I am like a cat on drugs when it comes to exams/results.
Actually, not being worried scares me.

Just so you know, it hasnt become a routine.

Friday, January 8, 2010


I am so pleased whenever I see my blog's pretty layout :)

& dont you just the
"You might also like" segment at the bottom (!!)



they still make me smile
cause they remind me of you. (:

Thursday, January 7, 2010

one way or another

What is the definition of the line we are forbidden from crossing?
Contingently based on criterias maybe.

I am in the middle of crossroads.
I am neither ready to take chances or listen quietly for the answers.
Maybe this is why my head feels like it’s pumping out loud.
Come to think of it, the last time this happened was on that day.
I never knew I had an imaginary event clock.

I am not sure who I am anymore.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

dont ask


no reason

Hello again.
Here is post number 2 on the prettiest blog layout ive had so far. :)
Im happy with how ive edited it so far.
Sorry I haven’t been my usual update-y self.
I blame my horrible migrant thats been bugging me for 3 days straight.
Sleep, panadol and chicken essence don’t work. BAD time for pre exam preparation :(


Ive always had trouble of breaking the ice when I first meet people.
Most people that are of course my friends now tell me that I have this arrogant unfriendly exterior that makes me initially unapproachable. (this is very sad)
Put me in a car/ bring me out for a drink! and give me a one on one conversation and you will learn to love me :) :) (har-har-har)

Im not sure if its from past horrible experiences or just self esteem.
Maybe its a little bit of both when sometimes Id just prefer to stay behind the scenes.
Though sometimes it really annoys me to give the first impression of being that way.
If it annoys you, it annoys me even more.

Im afraid of judgement. I try to avoid judgement.
Maybe sometimes I think by avoiding communication I can escape judgement, but I think I ended up digging myself a hole.
Ironically, I give away judgmental remarks too.
Im sorry. :[

Maybe this is what I get,
Judging and being judged.

I know this may or may not be a completely fruitless statement,
but this time.
No more judgments.

Monday, January 4, 2010


I like the sound of saying “Twenty-Ten”.
Unlike other years before this, Im not too eager to imagine whats coming up. Maybe this is the better side of it.
No plans, no expectations.

Here, I have my striped binder I wrote in for a short period of time.
Sometimes I wish I was more keen and hardworking in writing in my diary. (tangible)
Yes, blogging lets me do just that, but sometimes I prefer to write more straightforward personal stuff that I can keep. Im afraid one day I end up accidentally giving the password away to someone and am forced to delete the whole blog out of embarrassment and such.
Ironically, my last entry was on the 4th of January. Today is the 4th of January.

Okay so I had 16 resolutions in total for 2009.
Sadly I think I only covered barely half of it.
Resolution #10 makes me sad not that any of you would ever know what’s it about! (haha)
This year I decided not to pen down any resolutions.
Not specific ones at least or list them in one slot.
Resolutions are overrated; it’s just something/someone we hope to see ourselves become. After 365 days we lose ourselves. Unless of course you marker pen your resolutions on a manila card and paste them on your walls. Even to that extend, we’d probably cut ourselves slack and get lazy.
Resolutions are so tiring to keep up.
At the end of the day, who we were when we wrote down those resolutions isnt the same person we see on that piece of paper.
Just a pretty perfect mirror of how we see ourselves one year down the line.

I know Im being completely cynical and sceptic. No I am not being emotional (!)
Truthfully, I still do list down resolutions in my head, or randomly in my binder every now and then.
This time around, only realistic ones.
I’ll leave the others in my bubble.
Whats the point of making resolutions you cant keep right?

2010 starts with a clean slate.
Maybe with little cracks from the year before but plenty of room for reparation.
The transition this year merely feels like any other day. Actually it feels like that every year. But im one for celebrations, so every year it still means a lot to me.
Here’s hoping id get to do this again with you.

Like I said,
No plans, no expectations.


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