Saturday, February 27, 2010

new york

The huge-ass black flower thing my mom and I got.
Not a clip but I dont know what to call it haha! Its er like those big mouth comb-ed clip thingamaggies that clasps together.
Get it, get it?
Yess my mom and I share everything besides clothes and shoes. :D

Super random post.
Off to take a shower!

After much erm, encouragement from Darren, I am now watching How I Met Your Mother (like) and tonight I will start watching Lost (!).
Lets see how good they say Lost is.

15th day of CNY tomorrow peepos!
which is also the last day of Feb. omg

Friday, February 26, 2010

dont go wasting your emotions

Bits of pictures of my Chinese New Year's first day at my place.
the umph of each Chinese New Year has been falling bit by bit, but I take it as a blessing to be able to see my grandmother each year, because honestly speaking, each year could be her last.
She's around 80. Till now we dont know her exact birth date and neither does she.
Coming from the generation that lived during World War 1-World War 2, I guess birth dates and birth certs didnt faze them.
One of the cutest things about her is that she has almost jet black hair and no one ever believes us when we say, she didnt dye/colour it and never had.

Did you know that Chap Goh Meh is also Valentine's Day in the Chinese calender?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Fresh while we're still in our adolescenes of course we are filled with creative brain juices to squeeze out every slight effort, just so you know, you are special.
It diminishes as we progress with age, we become so comfortable and think, its okay, maybe just this once.
Eventually we dont feel the necessity anymore. We get dry.
Or is this just a growing mutual comprehension?

One which words are not necessary, and actions not needed.
Something we all try to learn.

I don’t want to grow up living in a relationship where there is nothing left to say, sitting in the car in silence or eating while I can still hear the clear ring of utensils.
But maybe silence wouldn’t be all bad, maybe sometimes, it’s just nice knowing you can sit in the company of each other, with understandings surrounding the atmosphere and words I don’t have to say for you to know already.

When all it takes is for you to look at me, see me smile, and know that I just said,
I love you too.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Overdue post.
A few Sundays ago, we planned a surprise celebrating Darren's and Kay's belated birthdays.
Happy that it was a success! and it wasnt easy :P
The venue was at Ole-Ole Bali.
Thanks to Anthony who got us the personal area and the discount :D

Shiat Teen and me

Kenneth anxiously waiting

Surprised Darren first.
His family helped us lured him there. So it was relatively unsuspicious.

Kok Ping & Darren

Then Han Qi brought Kay over.
Surprise number 2 !

Our Cucumber Chilli Mojito.
Sounded disgusting but tasted very good!

The whole cucumber

note the spacious empty personal room we had to ourselves :)
6 tables all occupied by us.

Top: Han Qi, Kok Ping, Navin, Michael, Anthony, Darren
Bottom: Kay, Nancy, Lily, Mei Yee, Jasmine, Shiat Teen, Kenneth

Last Sunday I had a movie marathon with Darren.
14 Blades & Valentines Day (HAHAHA)
Our first choice was Wolfman but everyone said it sucked so we passed.
Wanted to watch 72 Tenants of Prosperity too but seats were sold out.
14 blades wasnt very good and so was Valentine's Day but I prefer the latter :P

Also, watched Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief the other day.
I would say that I loved the concept since I used to read about Greek God's all the time but I found the movie pretty ameteur-ish.

Since Im all movie-ish;
Looking forward for;
Alice in Wonderland
Clash of the Titans
Shutter Island
Shrek Forever After
Toy Story 3!

and the other few sagas which I am trying not to over-expect from like Harry Potter, Resident Evil, The Chronicles of Narnia & Step up.

okay bai

Sunday, February 21, 2010

and im terrified.

Blossom and her owners dropped by to show their appreciation :)
A small bag of gifts and an ang pao ! :))
It wasnt the money that thrilled me, but the sincerity that was bursting out of that whole car of smiles.
The whole family came to thank us.

In giving, we were in returned, given.
Its nice to know.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Got these last year while there was a sudden boom of owl-inspired pieces everywhere!
Had a thing for them wayy before they became trendy.
For instance, my Starbucks flask with glow in the dark owls on it that I had since secondary and the owl lamp i insisted my parents buy for our veranda a while back.

Sorry I havent been around in the blogging world.
Holidays are so sacred to me, no time goes to waste!
I will start blogging diligently when I have no life in my hostel.

Found a dog (Shih Tzu!) wondering around yesterday and kept it overnight.
Saw notices on the missing dog today and called the owners.
They couldnt be happier and I couldnt be anymore joyful.
Reminds me of my old dog, Bubbles that was stolen and never found.
The Shih Tzu we found was named Blossom :)

Buttercup cookies anyone. :D:D:D:D

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010


I shall reblog after half a day of spring cleaning & more cleaning later.
This year I haven’t really been anticipating Chinese New Year, besides, its not really my number one festive season preference. I prefer things like Christmas, birthdays, and new years.
Still it will do me good to meet family again :)

Unlike previous years, I haven’t really done any Chinese New Year shopping and to my surprise, I didn’t really try.
Total count this year is one shorts and two tops ( and okay heels but I don’t wear heels during cny because ill be in and out of houses -_- ). Fullstop.
It doesn’t really bug me that much, because I did get to shop the whole year round.

A little sidetracked ,but all that whack about how people taking advantage to get their parents to buy them clothes especially during cny is nonsense.
80% of the times Ive shopped this year came out of my own pocket.
Yes I am well aware that, that money came from my parents for monthly allowance.
What you don’t know is that 2/3 of my allowance is from the JPA scholarship I get every month.
You may not see me working for it physically, but all that came from years of blood sweat and tears of studying.

Honestly I do believe Im a budget spender.( No, I don’t skip my meals to save money fyi !)
Its nice to know at the end of the day, I get to buy the things I want with the money I earned.
And of course have some funds for notorious occasions like these...

Before the 6th arrived I proudly called up Tenji to make reservations!
I am a chicken when it comes to these things but hoho I am growing :P
It was either PJ Hilton or Tenji but why cant I find the number and proper reviews on PJ Hilton -_-
Anyways, I managed to get a spot for lunch for that day :)
& yess I happily treated him. :]

For those who would want to know,
Tenji is a Japanese buffet located in Soho KL, Mont Kiara!
The normal price for lunch is RM77 and RM88 for dinner/supper.
Lunch hours are from 11.30am-4pm, dinner hours are from 6pm-9.30pm, and supper hours are from 9.30pm-12.30am.

Okay I was lucky they had a promo lunch price of RM49.90 ++ (only till 17 Feb!)

It was meant to be a surprise but I spoilt it myself -_-
I printed a map with the location clearly stated at the top. The map was useless in the end. Sigh.

I made reservations at 1pm but who knew we could eat for 3 hours! :O
I am personally shocked. Haha.

hehe he was dying to eat already but I didnt let him!

oysters and prawns

salmon, abalone and butter fish.

fresh coconuts that we have to open ourselves

cold noodles!

They had Haagen-Dazs, Baskins and Kindori !!

Another thing I like about Tenji is that they dont have that policy where they charge you if you waste their food, example: Shogun.
So we ate less than half of our soup and they gladly took it away when we didnt want it :P
Not that it wasnt nice, we took the vegetables to make the soup tastier.

Ice blended lemon!

Darren blocking the humongous barbecued lamb.

A variety of teas.
We just stood infront of it and drank them one by one.

Deserts that I didnt get to try because we ran out of time :(
It was already nearing 4pm.

before we left, we took more cocnuts :)

Super hot okay! The weather can kill you at 4pm.
We went for a short walk around Soho KL which explains why we look so messy

Patricks in my car.
Took my car cause his was at workshop btw.

You set it again, my hearts in motion


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