Wednesday, March 31, 2010

!black ♥

Thank you again Lynette. :)
Who cares if its 9 months late when you have such an awesome pawsome present.
We're a little funny bunch because we have a thing of choosing our own gifts but im fine with that. ;)

Just look at the pretty details to die for.
I've never been so drawn to something the minute i see it.

I find it absolutely appropriate I am going crazy over flowery details, because I am infact, one myself. (pfft!) :P
Tell me why I am so crazy over black roses? ( I have matching earrings that i bought way before I found this ring) not to mention rings that eat up your finger (!!)

I feel excessively perky.

I love black.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

what are you holding on to?

my long termed cravings are left unsatisfied. they are actually building up.
i cant begin to emphasize how much i am longing for the long break, even if it means i have to study (study break).
I enjoy waking up early, taking my time, sipping the hours as it slowly sways by.
since the beginning of 2008, i have yet to have a break longer than a month. i am this desperate.
still, i will still have to bare with my 3 day weekend at home this week. (i am not complaining, i love my weekends)
how i want to spend my weekend: a good dvd with pasta with the parents ( i made my mom promise me pasta already), please bring me out please please please......., sakae sushi or maybe italianese, clash of the titans!. (dot dot dot.)

First, my math test tomorrow.

its going to be the 31st tomorrow, and i am emo i dont get to have baskins :(

Sunday, March 28, 2010

black love

My 5-6 year old Guess? watch finally had enough.
The green (dirty green) cloth literally decayed and the strap started falling apart.
Of course, it has served me well !
My first Guess? watch and the its oh-so-famous title among my friends, the smelly/stinky watch.
Well, what can you get from cloth right.
Somehow it stopped stinking in form 4. True Story. I wonder why hahaha.

My dad offered to get me a new watch but this watch head was still functioning (only ran out of battery once in 5-6 years!), so why go to waste right?
A new watch would probably cost much more anyways & I dont need a new watch. (This does not count as a new watch).
Headed to Fossil because Guess? said it was a super old model and they probably didnt have the strap anymore.

Finally a black strapped watch.
& omg, leather. sniff sniff orgasmic.

Notice how the head is so butchered up.
I stopped caring after 3 years :P woops.
At least im still making the best out of it :)

Really like the detail !
Fossil fan already.

The strap is a little wider than the usual girlie watches, which i am loving!

Who knew I could talk so much about a watch. HAHA.

Unrelated to the watch :
Thank you Lynette for my belated present. mwah mwah!
Another post about it soon. Too pretty to be unshared!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


We had a mini reunion 2 weeks ago.
The ex Seafield 3s grouped at Yuen's before heading to Wai Hong's to chill out and um, do cheeky things :D

I brought along 3 of my old biodata books.
It was a trend to ask your friends to fill in their biodata (the usual personal details) in our primary days.
& sometimes we added poems (omg haha), messages and comments about our other friends.

Kenneth doesnt know how to spell "message"

Rachel & Yi Vonne

Yen Mei, Rach & Kay

We were in the same class every single year from standard 1 till form 5. 11 years nonstop omg hahah !
We practically grew up together.

Girls minus Tiffany who went back earlier

Ken Shak

Soooooo happy to have my laptop back :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010



Monday, March 22, 2010

yours to keep

Sorry for the lack of updates, (!) weekends are pretty monotonous.
As much as I want to go catch a movie, watching alone isn’t exactly what I had in mind.
Everyone else is either too busy or the timing isn’t right.
Somehow I feel everyone is still trying to adjust themselves into the new year, shocking to see how time passed because hello, ! its about to be April.

With so much thought, I am surprised I have so limited to say here.
Maybe now is not the right time.

My movie list is piling up!

Friday, March 19, 2010


Pictures to lighten up my gloomy blog.
Happy Birthday to one of the best friend :)

Had a nice time meeting up with the rest of the seven (minus Leona :c ), and getting woozy on alcohol.
Hope you had a nice time. We love you !

note : We baked the cake, so when buying the decorations, it was either hearts or football.
Football. dohhhhh. ;P

what's to come?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

tweet !

Tweets are privatised.
Only 6 of the most recent tweets will be on loop at the sidebar.

Cheerios! (pun intended :D :D)

note: okay so I decided not to privatise it because they keep requesting for passwords which i bet would annoy the hell out of readers.
Reduce tweets to 3 on the sidebar, till i decide to remove it from my blog so i can privatise it.
It is tooo pretty to be taken down yet!

Monday, March 15, 2010

until my bones are white

Still using my sister's laptop.
explains the lack of proper updates.

Brought the external webcam along this week so i can use it and lookie look what i can do with it! :P

Just incase you forgot how i look like.

Today I felt like a rotten egg.
I just want to go home to the comfort of my own bed and leave my mind there.

There are some things way beyond our jurisdiction. As of lately, there are times i wished I did/handled things better. I wish circumstances were examined differently, more optimistically (this coming from pessimist). Maybe eventually right?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lay down your arms, give up the fight

Delusional. A little part of it always has that much pinch of alterations like a stratagem. Maybe not but I would consider the variations as similar. Impossible to read. Feel that pummeling down the center? Right down the middle, the most vulnerable one. Sometimes, its discouraging to find out one or the other.
Like I said, we tell ourselves what we want to hear, even for the wrong reasons.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Defining we

My laptop failed me again :(
Sent it over to my cousin's to reformat and im blogging from my sister's old Vaio.
Takes ages to load but im not complaining. Thankful to be having an extra laptop at home or else what on earth am i going to do in my crummy room (!!)

Things are happening so fast,
Its March (stating the obvious) and the 6th week of my last semester.
Im halfway through. Another 6 more weeks and well, yeah.


We are still baffled by the occasional silence. We tend to throw in anxiety our head stops reasoning. We learn that maybe tomorrow will be well. What is it up there that lets us rationalize more sanely after a night or maybe two. We leave us yearning for more. We are left with heavy hearts. We do not enlighten what is required. We assume it is a language generally discovered and understood. We are thoughtful. We miss the unexpected. We adore. We are appreciative of the attempts. We are insecure of what cannot be seen. We are convicted with accusations. We are sure of the other. We sever through tall weeds, those stubborn weeds. We reconcile with patience. We live by chances. We deluge in blessings. Define we.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Nothing I touch seems to work.
I am so pissed off at everything. Yup go ignore this because I am always just pissed off right.
Thank you for taking the time to care.

Today has been horrible and for once I dont want to be last.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

kill me slowly

I had a nice time with the high school girls.
I am sadly weak in drinking and my alcohol tolerance is pathetic.
It sucks to have to admit that because I really really would like to be a good drinker! :[

Felt like coming home even though it could wait another night.
Makes no difference of course, just maybe the comfort of my own bed.
But I felt like grieving alone, not that I have any direct reason at present.
Just so I can feel connected.

Drain me out till I am empty

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

can you keep up

A string of random (some old) photos from my 3.2mp phone. :P
Funny how I dont really mind the camera criterias when phone hunting, i guess its because phone cameras will always be crappy when you have a compact camera or even better, the dSLR.
when was this again?

Big Master Yoda :P
at some toy shopped that was closed for CNY in Tropicana City Mall

Sis, niece and myself.
Our only niece from that side of the family.

Chap Goh Mei with family.
Pavillion :))

This week I found 2 lizards in my room and a beetle in the toilet.
and of course, the daily bugs that fly through my window/under my door.

See ya'll this weekend ! :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Argh super emo post and nobody can stop me!!

Self torture by drifting into non essential things.
There are so many things to do/say,
I used to think I am in a safe bubble, miles and miles away from uncertainties,
Clearly I was proven wrong.
What do I have to hold on to knowing things can go bad again?
The thing is, I don’t get any reassurance, and right now, im on the verge of falling.

Monday, March 1, 2010

if you tried

Hello all.
Happy 1st March.


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