Friday, April 30, 2010

& I wonder if i ever cross your mind

Tomorrow is May. (what?!)
Bringing me closer to my finals in 12 days but i absolutely cannot wait for the day after finals are over where i dont have to study and not feel guilty.
Good news (or a rather stagnant one) finally settled. Have recently been bombarded by bad news the recent year.

Ordered new specs today!
Astigmatism increased by 25 for each side. The nice dealer even agreed to give me a free pair of trial contact lens. huhu. I am so excited to try wearing contact lens. HAHA. (slaps)

Home on a Friday night. Right now I really feel like going out. bring me out for a drink anyone!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

detailed much?

His new & my old converse.
I wanted to be sepadan can. :P

Today was one of those days I feel super happy!

Okay at first I really really wanted to go out but do what, I honestly dont know haha!
I really wanted to go bowling but Darren hasnt recovered from his broken/fractured wrists. boo.
Disappointed, I decided that we eat nearby and maybe watch something on my laptop but he took me out instead.

Highlight of the day was eating at Sushi Zanmai !
I am still thinking of the sukiyaki soup and beef.
First time there & definitely more to come. :D
Thank you for the treat :)
Love long lunches & love the company even more. (!)

Thats my highlight anyways because he had an entirely different highlight. ;p

I had nothing pink on or with me so i didnt get to go for the Baskin's offer. next time?

♥ :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

pigments of

Its been awhile.
Telling the story isn’t easy.
This has so much to be directed to, so just so its clear, there is no intention to pinpoint anything.

Its hard to live by assessments to another. Funny how it is ironic?
As much as its makes us feel so much better, who are we kidding.
The more we say we don’t care or don’t mind, the more obvious it is that we actually do.
Its easy to realize when it starts being a habit.
Its heartbreaking to imagine that one day all these things might eat us up and when we are so consumed with these nonessential habits, we just might lose everything.
Resentment never solves anything.

As far as it goes, sometimes we just cover up the harsh thoughts and questions, pretending they never existed, something only questioned when we are alone.
When will it ever be "the right time".
Assurance is definitely something to be acknowledged and made known.
Sometimes we wonder if we should take that dangerously compromising risk. Its easy to advise someone to take that risk but actually taking a chance is leap we have to take on our own.
Of course knowing we have someone to mend us is comforting, but what happens after?
So this is where precaution sets in, making room for what-ifs.
Risking being ourselves naturally, because we think and question again, wasn't the problem to begin with is in fact, ourselves? If so, what can we do?

Like an essay paper, we can never really "nail it", win the prize or get a perfect score.
Things like these are subjective to thoughts and opinions, where there are no right choices or answers, just how we would like to justify ourselves and our decisions, hoping we'd at least done the best we could with the options laid out for us to choose.

Here, I am back to square one with my own thoughts and no answers.

  • I miss my friends.
    I know its stupid since I just saw them a few days ago.

  • Since ive never said this before, as much as I have this solid shield in front of me, all I really do want to say is,I am happy for you. I truly am.

Monday, April 26, 2010

good morning

Felt like uploading photos :)
Past occasions from cameras that were not my own.
picture credits to Sueen & Tze Yin. :))

December 20th gathering
Lyn's 19th
Siew Lee's 19th

Thursday, April 22, 2010

i know you care

I bet you're annoyed by me,
cause im annoyed by myself too.
I feel like im turning into a monster.

Im sorry.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


sister's hostel in Singapore

Good morning!
Feeling chirpy this morning :)
Its 9.40am & I shall get to my breakfast plus reading.

Having a dinner cum movie date with my mom tonight.
Shutter Island !

Happy Birthday sista!
Faster come back !!

when my mom was skyping with my sister.
Look at the handsome clean dog.
I just bathed him. :D

Off to hug my furball!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

getting there

Off all the weeks, my dad took the camera along with him on his business trip!
Now when im all hyped up about my holidays and going out and taking pictures, I have none.
Okay I have my compact Lumix, but he took the my charger cause he cant find his.
My dad took 2 cameras. hahahaha.

Yesterday after my mom picked me up we headed to McDonalds for dinner because I was starving. It was 5pm. yes we had our dinner. HAHA.
Took my laptop down cause it was dangerous to leave it in the car, then we came up with the idea to skype with my sister. hahaha!

Today was relaxing :)
I love the feeling of getting up early in the morning, making a good breakfast and reading.

Monday, April 19, 2010

for some reason i cant explain

string of photos

the view from my hostel room.
one of the days where the sky looked pretty.
palm trees. haha.

bathing my dog

after :D


Sunday, April 18, 2010

stare decises et non quieta movere

Back at my hostel right now.
Its so silly that I just got here a few hours ago and im going back home tomorrow. Stupid test and 3 hour class!
My hostel room is 70% empty. Its so funny I had to pack with a newspaper roll in hand to whack the spiders that come jumping out all the sudden.

After nearly a month of having no mood to shop/spend money, I am very much in the mood to do so now.
At least I can say I have the money to do so while I had an unintentional shopping fast.

One of the things I feel good about this month, ( but still feel the pinch) is not having my parents pay for me; like when I want to buy stationaries, a new top or when they offer to give me money for my dinner outings.
I know its much easier to ask for money and save our own for our own benefit, but sometimes it feels good to be responsible.

A new recent interest is to look for nice places to eat.
nom nom nom.

Genting please?

Saturday, April 17, 2010


thank you Thoo Sueen for the prettiest pictures!
actually pictures above were taken by HanQi using Sueen's dSLR :)
But thanks Sueen for uploading them and you still takes the best photos :)) !

die la die la, Monday got Legal Studies test, one of the hardest subjects this semester and I have NO mood to study.
Im too excited for my break. T_T

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Random shenanigans

  • Last week i came to campus without a towel.So all week I had to clean up using a face towel and a clean t shirt.
  • This week I forgot to bring my mouse. Not use to using the touch pad but its alright.
  • The Sunday I arrived to my hostel, the electricity was out. The ceiling fan and lights were working but not the sockets. Couldnt use laptop after the battery died so I decided to sleep early. As in 11pm early.
    & one thing you might not know about me is that I cant sleep in the dark. Like pitch black dark unless im sleeping with someone else. So, not only did I sleep early, i slept with the ceiling lights on (!). HUHUHU. I usually sleep with a night lamp.
    The next day I found out the electricity was back at 12am. Horrible sleep.
  • This week is so boring because I only have one class per day. Study week was suppose to start this week but this is what we get for having an extra week off during Chinese New Year.
  • Hence, I am missing out on the RM2 Sushi promo week with my mother :(
    I still get to go on the last day of the promo but all the best ones are usually on the first day. :(
  • Macroeconomics test tomorrow.

On the much brighter side, next monday is the final day of my lecture !! & I have a Legal Studies essay test but I am too excited for the break. (study break whatever)


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Piccas from a simple dinner we had to celebrate Lillian's 19th. :)
Teluk Gong for some seafood! super random but i like.
Food was average, but company was and always is the best :))
We headed to my house after and to the basketball court near my house to watch the guys play.

Click here for the post on her surprise birthday last year!
and look how short my hair was a year ago ! :D


a random update.

Cupcakes I went crazy over because they're so cute!
Found out they were from Wondermilk and got crazier. first!
I gave Barney to Darren and ate the rest. happy :)

Watched Clash of Titans & Alice in Wonderland back to back yesterday.
I expected too much of Alice, so it was not as nice as I hoped it to be.

Im in the mood to go food hunting. ;)

sometimes, all the wrong things are thrown at you for the reason that you'd be more appreciative when things goes right.
you leave me speechless as i smile inside.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

not overthinking

The hardest part is to keep a heartache.

Sometimes slipping the mess under the stacks helps momentarily, what happens then?

You can never think enough to wonder what would happen, just because it already has.

Its not suppose to be this hard.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Inner theatre:
Stop contemplating too much. Maybe if I took the time, id understand.
Behind that outer layer, id like to think is something quite contrary, but; i will not. At least, i will try not to.

I am ready to set foot on this new road. If only I can avoid questions. I highly doubt so but, hit me.
This was all I ever wanted. I hope I don’t burn myself.


I am pleasantly(?) surprised.


I wont know. Sometimes I just need you to be in public.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


I am selfish

kiss kiss

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Dont know what blogger did to the picture but i kinda like it. :D
I love you Lilly Wee!


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