Monday, May 31, 2010

five pennies

My current phone wallpaper. pretty :D
I have finally resorted to cable. sigh.

Its been a week since I finished my finals. Occasionally my heart stops for a moment & I think to myself, wait, do I have anything to study/read.

I might not have a long break again but this time im definitely not complaining. Im hopefull actually, but maybe I shouldnt go to that just yet, only when everything has been accounted for.
This time, im not ready for a long break.

Pictures below were taken before I left my hostel.
Prepare to see inconsiderate people and their mess they left in the fridge in my floor -_-

Can you see that half open rotten egg ?!
freaking disgusting.

The overview, doesnt look so disgusting but almost everything is half open and rotten.
We have to wrap up our foodstuff in layers of plastic bag to protect our food. ;(

On a different note, to the girls ive met there,
hope all of you are doing well! ;)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

yes she is

I tend to have this weird pattern.
I would go out continuously for a few days till im a sick of it and feel emo, then stay home for a day or two.
Was out everyday since Wednesday & although it might be normal for some to go out for a few hours everyday, its not for me! I get so exhausted.
So today was my stay home day (except that i went to church, does that count?).
Here's a string of random photos since I got my new phone.

I made him take a photo with me so he could be the "first" ha-ha-ha.
as you can see he was reluctant. boo!

The last sight of my (hostel) room!!

Off to surprise Tze Yin with the rest.
Happy Birthday Tze Yin :)

I slept over at Kay's then we went to run some errands around Taipan :P
& had brunch at Murni's.

Dont know whats with my bloody eye.

oh look, another picture of him and food. haha!

The downside to my new phone is the bluetooth.
I cant seem to pair it with my PC. :(
So I had to go the lengthy way to bluetooth to another phone and to this computer.
I dont like using cable cause I some how have a weird feeling of viruses having a direct route to the phone.
Am going to the service center this week to get some help. :(

Going to go cloth shopping with the mom soon!
To make new curtains btw. The benefits of having a tailor mother.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

did i ever annoy you?

I guess I should stop trying to be what I can never be.

The phone still rings, the least.


you're the only thing i want at the back of my head

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Sometimes I kinda miss my old fake-rihanna haircut (fake because it wasnt short enough). The very first time in my entire life i went short. The old-trendy cut, short at the back & long in the front.

Had countless of comments of people saying longer hair suited me, after cutting my hair except the people at MUFY because I entered MUFY with short hair & they just weren't used to seeing my old pictures with my long hair.

I honestly cant decide! I kinda like the long fringe short back look, and maybe id cut it again one day. The picture above was taken a year ago and I know what you're probably thinking, why my hair grow so slow. but wait! remember it was short at the back and long at the front?
Now its short in front and long at the back.

It took about a year and a half for it to grow from the back of my neck (around the chin level) to mid waist.

Having long hair now is so time consuming because it takes forever to dry !
But in a way, I still enjoy being able to tie up my hair and what not every once in a while.
Maybe one day ill go short again. ;)
SATC out this week (!!)

you belong with me

My handwriting in macroeconomics paper is officially the worst ive seen.
Only because i timed everything nicely & took a tad bit too long on the objectives.
Rushed through the paper only to complete it in the nick of time.
There was no space for me to feel, “ ahhh, its over” because i was too worried with writing everything, not leaving out anything and making sure my name etc was written.
After the paper, I had to speed walk back to my room under the 3.30pm sun to check out.
Speedy! But alas, i am home & its been a while since ive had a study-less break.

The only thing about being on holiday is being swamped with chores.
I am usually assigned chores on weekends but now since everyday is a weekend, chores chores chores. Not really complaining despite seeing the effort my parents have forked out for my family. No, we don’t have maids.

Since this is already a mindless post, I will just go on, just to keep things updated.

Ive got a new phone!
A nokia e72 to be precise.
I was planning to buying a new one with my own money savings & was in the process of surveying.
My dad needed a phone because he had a second line, so he bought the phone in advance during my exam week & told me it would be an early birthday gift, & he’d take my current phone. The funny thing was he was using the phone for almost two weeks because he was scared i would get distracted. Haha true that.
& also he was considering using it for himself but couldnt adapt to the small fonts and qwerty keyboard.
The Nokia e72 was in my range of choices among a few others, so thank goodness for that. He bought the phone without my knowledge by the way. & most of all, ITS NOT BLACK. :D
Despite black being my favourite colour, I really really dislike owning a black phone.

Project revamp room starts tomorrow.

Your gonna be seeing lots of me ! :D

Sunday, May 23, 2010

when i look at you

Tomorrow is the last day of my finals!
There is just an endless list of to-dos & i cant wait to begin :D
Most of all, I have yet to see friends besides Darren of course for nearly a month. If you cut down on the exaggeration its 3 weeks. hahahahhaha

Okay la, im suppose to be studying for my 2pm test tomorrow.

Defnitely one of the things ill miss is the girls here who kept me company.
but more on all that next time :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

seven and a half stones

Have been ultra busy studying for finals.
Came over to my hostel on Sunday & will only be home this coming Friday. 2 more daysss.
So far exams have been cruel. The main thing that stresses me about during exams is the studying period, when you give all your best so you can go in the exam hall and answer your paper with no regrets.
I am the type that dwells on regrets, so for me, if this is something I can control, then im gonna work my butt off for it.
Although you might think sometimes, that it doesn't seem like i've worked enough for it, I hate having to be compared to. How do you know Ive haven't had to work hard for it? because maybe I have.

Though, it really demotivates you and beats you up when you've worked so hard and made the wrong choice, only realizing its too late for you to alter it because you're in too deep, or really in this case, out of time.
Good bye distinction. You are now out of my reach.

argh, disappointed.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

up in the air

my stress release


Where is the point of being okay to branding and being labelled?

For one, making statements, bold ones must definitely come with legitimate support.
In very much contrasting claims, there is no difference.
Make no conclusions you cant support.
Smaller circles in the larger fit does not exist, as much as we like to think so.
Its getting hard to find that cross of support. All you really want to do is really just blend in.
Selective. I repeat, selective. There are no back-ups, not if you're chasing something you despise.
Truthfully, we are all being the people we despise.

I am to no exception.

I miss the innocence when we looked at each other like a clean slate & a white piece of paper.

It is really not fair for me to go on any further, because regardless of me being of no exception to this thought, i am still routing.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


suka the new pair of glasses.
finally the light does hurt my eyes, especially when your studying almost all day under the harsh table lamp.

Back in my hostel now, was shocked to see my floor mat outside my room all chewed up! maybe the dogs did it.
countless amount of spiders and thank God for my super mother who whisked out the broom and sweep them away.
I annoy myself.

Test tomorrow & Friday so no point going home.
I know i have to study for Friday's test but im going to be boreddddddddd.
When all I can do is stand up walk around my room and stone to pass time when im resting.
Thankfully I have my 8tv so I can catch American Idol repeats. :D

Dont you think im blogging about nonessential things nowadays?
So be it !!!


Monday, May 10, 2010

all over the world

Happy monday people!
Had lunch with Darren & Alex just now and it was so familiar to see those bright blue t shirts again :) because Monday = Mufy t shirt day. haha!

Had a random scare yesterday because I realised that my exam docket was missing one subject.
When I saw 5 subjects instead of 6 on the list I started to panic. Thankfully all is settled now.
I was really scared I wouldnt be able to sit for the exam!

So this is really random but I wanted to show you

the real Carrie necklace!
I know mine is really far from it haha.
Really considering getting my name made like the one above. Ive found a site but Rm70 !
Birthday wishlist perhaps?
I should start compiling one since my birthday is in about a month :D

Robin Hood with my mom tonight!
Super Hero right (pun unintended) exams in 2 days, but even my mom says i need a break. :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

can anybody find me somebody to love

Glee Flashmob KL !
The event that took place yesterday at the Garden's Midvalley shopping mall.

I regrettably did not manage to attend the event.
Followed up on the web tutorials (yes i practiced :P) but due to my coming exams i felt guilty for attending rehersals. I was THIS close to going for the event yesterday.

It feels so good watching the video & the video above was actually the unplanned encore.
watch this for the real thing.

Watching this really makes me KL
Looking forward for more of them ;)

On another note;
I won passes to watch Robin Hood on monday!
Sometimes im really thankful that i was exposed to BRATs because one way of the other, it led me to all of this. :)
Feeling nostalgic

Saturday, May 8, 2010

snips snips

Fringeeeeee (?)

Friday, May 7, 2010

those boring rants

Today is the most boring day Ive had for ages.
Zero mood to study so my day was also unproductive.
Fell asleep on the floor because I had nothing better to do & I couldnt even have a peaceful sleep because it was so hot!
on some entirely stupid note, mom cooked dinner, but its no secret that I dislike (hate) noodles so dinner wasnt any better. I also somehow dislike ikan bilis soup. im stil hungry. :[[[[
maybe some egg tarts will cheer me up. :(

end rant.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

the carrie necklace

my name has never been so vain.
i am obsessed with this new necklace & i am this tempted to make keychains, phone straps and whatnot. if it was possible (maybe it is) i would really really love learning how to make them too! its too pretty.

my sis & i call it "the Carrie necklace" quoted from Sex and The City because Carrie has one herself too. :)

Monday, May 3, 2010


Hanging out at Kay's while waiting for my sister.
Didnt leave till it was almost 1am. First time driving home so late ! but only because my sister was in the car with me.

Weather is being so unbearable that im washing my hair everyday. -something I dont normally do.
10 freaking days till finals, today is the first day (since my study break started two weeks ago) that I am home for a whole full day. :O
I am really surprised with all the liberty I am given.
Maybe because my parents trust that I know how to spend my time wisely. Or maybe come to terms that Im not one to be kept in a cage with books around the clock.

Craving for Orea Cheesecake.

I cut my hair. :D
why do we make this so hard?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

such an insomniac


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