Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Took this when I was at Orchard Road, Singapore.
In a quick glance I thought someone knocked over the mannequin since it was already pretty late and all the shops were closed.
If you look closely, the mannequin is sleeping in bags of Chanel!
cute :D

Its the last day of June, I personally liked the first half of the year better than the second half for some reason.
Results were out yesterday and Im really thankful and grateful!
It was the toughest semester to study for, really; but thank God all was well and I had straights :)

There was a minor scare before my exam when I found out my exam docket was missing one subject. I checked it too late when I should have known and corrected it a month earlier, and I was about to sit for my first paper in 3 days.
I managed to settle it after numerous calls and emails but during the day of the exam my name was missing from the tables.
Everyone was seated and I was standing up completely lost.
Started a tad bit late for the math paper because I was busy collecting myself and filling in my details, but really thank God! My math marks were safely printed on my transcripts :)

So friends, please remember to check important details, pray and have lots and lots of faith! & be grateful for such helpful and dedicated lecturers.

MPH is selling the Little Miss & Mr Men book series, 3 for the price of 2 ! tempting.
I used to read them all the time. :) Mr Rude book was funny!

plastic life

the photographer is amazing !

never fades out

that post again with everything random inside.

The day I went to Pet World wanting to hug animals & had a sudden birthday dinner at night.
forgive my informality.

reading Pride & Prejudice!

England vs Germany at Kay's

one of the dogs at Pet World Exhibition.
its cuter than it looks although it really looks like it was tortured being coloured.

my fish-boot-leg & my sis's.


KayKay says (1:36 AM):
bring tents
Darren says (1:36 AM):
_..··˙‘*°~»€ÜGΞNЭ«~°*’˙··.._ KAN says (1:36 AM):
1st one to copmplaint will be kay
CcCH says (1:36 AM):
KayKay says (1:36 AM):
Darren says (1:36 AM):
KayKay says (1:36 AM):
KayKay says (1:37 AM):
nice what
Darren says (1:37 AM):
im sure
KayKay says (1:37 AM):
i wont
Darren says (1:37 AM):
eeee so sandy
CcCH says (1:37 AM):
KayKay says (1:37 AM):
Darren says (1:37 AM):
eee the sand is touchin me

and it goes on and on and on :P
*sayangs Kay

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

feeling narcissistic

only because im in a good mood! :D

altered hinges on the knob

sister baked dad a cake for his birthday.
funny how my family's birthday all fall on the first half of the year.

results were out today!


Have to wash my hair and head out in a bit!
Meeting up with the girls to visit the book rental shop :)
How nerdy cool are we 8D


this, is pretty dam cool.

Friday, June 25, 2010


The other day we were pleasantly invited over to Wai Hong's house to have a look at some of his mom's hair clips.
We had the kind privilege to play dress us (hair wise) with all the clips she had on hand.

Honestly speaking I really really like the clips!
You often see the tooth mouthed clip that has springs exposed at the back, but this one had the springs hidden, so you could see the pretty designs at the back.
& I do wear these clips pretty often only because I personally think it looks much prettier than a bun. click!
You typically see those boring black/brown coloured ones in shops and the really nice ones are super pricey!

The smaller one is called mini

The medium sized ones are called midi

and the largest ones are called maxi :)

the ones we chose! :))

Of course these are not all of them that are available.
There's a website for it already.
I really recommend checking it out.
Im considering getting a midi since I have my maxi already. :)
If you're worried of how you're gonna get it, they do offer delivery of course, or come get it from us girls.
We are more than happy to help/assist you :)

Some outtakes/bloopers -

purposely making her wear the teal coloured minis cause it matched her top!

Kay did this for me!
a more decent/cute picture at the beginning of this post.
why you all din take picture of my face! i didnt get to see how i look like. :(

for a moment i thought this was me, but it was Lynette. haha
Kay our hair stylist in action :P

our Chinese girl!

awww, short hair cannot play with us long hair girls :P :P
just kidding! <3


wai hong & han qi

wai hong's sister!

this model wouldnt hold still

the boys doing their own thing

a nice shot but xin yi was in the background :P

me trying to do something with xinyi's hair but it was too layered...

so i thought her how to do it & we switched positions.

pretty aint it!

i like this shot too.
spot jo!
it wasnt easy to do but good job xy!

while some went home and the boys (and girls)played basketball me and Lynette lingered around.

awkward smiles signing off!


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