Saturday, July 31, 2010

back !

Time for an update! :)
Pictures here are gathered from last week till now.

Pictures from Monday

flowers for my parent's 25th Anniversary!
Red ones are from me and my sis to them,
pinks ones are from my dad to my mom.
I think we coincidentally bought from the same florist haha.

bathed my dog

after grooming. :D

Pictures from Tuesday-Saturday:
Wooden postcard from Adrienna from Australia.
Thank you love!

updated wall!
i pasted the postcard's back facing outwards because the words were sweeter than the picture :D

Gum Drop by Revlon.
The new polishes are scented when dried.
I personally hate the smell. Nauseating.
but better now after a few days.


messy tables and newspapers everywhere.

I have a strong fettish for necklaces and rings.
note: nothing here is newly purchased (unless stated).
it is all old stuff

the dove was suppose to be more gold if i remembered.
I think the colour faded.

two layered
oh ! Lillian sold this to me cause she had two. so we have similiar ones! ♥

another favourite!
wanted to get matching earrings but decided I would look too matchy matchy.
I want to get a ring version though!

rusting :(


tweet tweet

I like the shadow

the best from Body Shop!
can you spot me hoho.

old anklet i got for Valentine's '07 :)
tak sampai hati wear anymore.

finally! got this at half the price Msia is selling.

thank you sister

my snowman's head is a little tilted cause i was rushing the other day.
i put tissue packets in his head!
so i took his had off, grabbed one and didnt put it back properly.


broken bag :(

Monday, July 26, 2010


I'd thought id share something i found!
Inception is really one of those movies I wouldnt mind watching again and again.
One thing I noticed about Leonardo Dicaprio's works is that it often revolves around love and death.
Titanic, Revolutionary Road & Shutter Island. See the picture? The later two and the current movie involving the death of his wives and him being a family man.

Pretty mind blowing no?
Honestly I had to listen to it twice to understand it.

& this poster just makes me stare and gawk for minutes.
awesome pawsomes

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Someone asked me on this question:

do you think your dog is intellectually handicapped?
HAHAHA so mean!! nope i dont. he's pretty smart in some situations. but, who wouldnt love such a cute thing

and that's my answer!
you funny person, whoever you are. you obviously think my dog is pretty cute too right ! :P

Stumbled upon this verse while in church today and it just hit me like a that.

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble on its own. (Matthew 6:34)

Friday, July 23, 2010

take time

To make it up for my absence,
I present you with a video!
One of many videos I have of us playing with Panda (our Shih Tzu). He is too adorable!

In my sister's room, as she tries to bear his weight and me recording.

Highlight & read this after you've watched!
incase you didnt know the purpose of the video, it was about my dog running in the air! :P
if you noticed at 0:24 i threw that thing to tempt him to run to it but he just starred at it. funny! and before that i made some whoosing sound.
my silly sister also asked me to run to my room so he'd run after me but hello! i had to record the video right. :P

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

only because i love her hair!
im making a note to keep mine till that length. :D

who do you think you are

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Have not been in the brightest moods to update recently. Only because i might potentially drown you with crazy mix of emotions.
This reminds me of a year and a half ago. similiar reasons almost. but the outcome is welcomed.
Today we sent an important email. It really was like a wall between here and there. but now there's really no turning back. Reality has yet to sink in for me, but since when has reality ever seem real?

I wonder what we were doing 4 years ago.
At this hour, sleeping because there was school the next day. maybe.
It was a Thursday and by now (then) there were flickers thingies already.
I wonder what would this year be like.
It was a Thursday, but what about Tuesday?

Inception was beyond good.
quoting from an article, "The less you know about Inception the better, just know that it's good"

Monday, July 19, 2010

Thursday, July 15, 2010

worst day

I feel completely void and lost. Just when one thing seems to get better another thing comes up.
Its been too long that everything felt at least, okay.
Im not sure what is right or wrong, real or incorrect anymore. I don’t what to fight for something I shouldn’t or make a big enough mistake to damage.
The endless reasons that has brought me here today, are somehow lost in translations.
I just don’t remember why I am here and what has led me to this. But there is reason, and that I am sure of. I need time to gather my thoughts, but time is not my option now. I hope this feeling is only mandatory.

I dislike disappointments, but most of all I hate being the disappointment.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

ask me anything

only because im bored and im curious of what you have to say/ask :D
ask me a question ! you can be anonymous if you must. please be nice. :p


Wai Hong picked me up and then we headed to USJ to meet up with the rest.
Stopped by Seremban for breakfast. Siew Pao! & continued our journey.
Played Taboo & Monopoly Deal in the car all the way. :D

First stop was Jonker Street to have lunch. Of course, chicken rice balls!
Walked a little before checking in to Villa D'Rindu. Super isolated! but cheap nonetheless. RM20 per head for an apartment. 4 beds, 3 bathrooms, Astro & a kitchen. Also a bbq pit upstairs.
For RM20, I would say it was pretty worth it. The place was extremely dusty though, who knows when was the last visitor.

4 of us slept in a 2-person bed. We had to sleep horizontally so our feet were dangling. HAHA.
While 3 other guys occupied 2 of those beds. sigh !

only 2 floors for occupants HAHA

rooftop! where we barbequed.
Kay's pink panther umbrella and my yellow one to shield us from drizzle.

cheese mussels! freaking good.
Nicole's & my hardwork.

Jonker Street at night again just to have a walk.
I like this robot ! Didnt get it.

traditional ice cream

we walked up the hills around 12am.
freaked me out. i have a faint heart.

Had a nice time during the super short trip.
I love road trips :) more!


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