Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Found an adorable website that lets me play dress up virtually :D
Not much clothings but fun to play around colours although after creating these three separately did i realise I only chose two colours. Shall try them out tomorrow. :P

Happy Merdeka all!
Though it really does seem really far away and felt like it was just something written in history books and too far in the past to feel real, it really isnt.
My grandma lived in the era of World War Two, so as long as I know someone physically who has lived in that past, and been through 1957, it actually wasnt too long ago come to think of it.

3am goodnight!

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Okay so here's what im going to do,
The next time im on some raging mood ready to gobble up the entire universe, i'll just give myself 2 minutes to think of all the horrible, ugly things I want to say/do and after those 2 minutes, forgive and forget.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

on the midnight train

picture with Lynette Cheng!
My gossip, stalk hot girls, talk business careers, what-to-wear-later partner. haha!
Went out for lunch with Shing Vee and Lynette at Rakuzen, The Loaf and Snowflakes, all on Shing Vee cause he's that nice :D Also because he's older and earning money, but we will definitely repay the treat :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

pour me a cup

pictures by Michael.
It feels like ages since I went to a birthday party. (Happy birthday Jordan!)
Went over after uni with a few others then back to uni to get my car.
Super tiring day! 9am-6pm class and only reached home at 12am, on the dot of my driving curfew. Funny that I dont really have a curfew when someone else is driving me home.

Im thinking of doing this weekly thing were I just give random testimonies or thank God for the littlest things, so for this week I really thank God for the amazing parking spots ive been getting haha! Everytime I go into some super jam packed place with thoughts of not getting a convenient parking, ta da the best parking ever. :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010


this is for the three of you.

This is for the three of you.

I cant describe how proud I am to be a amongst yous.
We’d always like to think of how when we were much younger, two of you would talk about two of us and have a totally wrong perception of who we were (haha!). When the two of you arrived to our class when we were sixteen, you two were so reluctant and wanted to be transferred so badly. Who knows what would happen if that happened. Im glad you didn’t.
To be honest, I vaguely remember being sixteen with you (referring to all of you) but only when we were seventeen. When all we needed was two tables at the back of the class.
I don’t remember ever getting sick of the questions and answers, because ive never been any more honest and open besides with you. I really wonder how you put up with my annoying complains that sometimes I cant even keep up with myself, but it is really only with you that I can feel comfortable vomiting out every bit of myself and not fear being abandoned. To that one completely random day where we made a pact to write letters to each of our 27 year old other. I wonder how’d we looked like, be like and act like then, 8 years from now.
Sometimes im a little afraid that once we tear those envelopes, laugh over them and smile at each other, there’d be nothing else left for us, but then again, i’d think we’d be okay.
To not end this with a completely sappy note, I really think that you have brought out the best in me, steered me in the right direction, been that of a loyal friend and honestly hoped the best for me at every possible situation, and for that I thank the three of you & only hoped that i’ve done the same.

There is really no question to who the three of you are suppose to be. :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

:O !

Saturday, August 21, 2010

subconscious security

Okay so let me let you know first that there are spoilers coming up!
For the movie Inception that is. ;)
Ive only told a few people about it when I found out so let me share it with you now!

I bet you're wondering what the ending was! If Cobb woke up at the very end?
Before I found out the real answer, my conclusion was that he didnt.
My reasoning was that he went too far into limbo because i assumed old Saito shot him and didnt make it back in time to wake up when the van dropped into the water.
Darren concluded that he did wake up because, there was a beginning to the dream (he woke up in the plane). Usually in a dream you wouldnt know the beginning right? And his past dreams, he only had one memory of his children. If the ending was a dream if would have been the same and he woudnt have been able to see his children's faces of which he did!
HanQi concluded (got this from Kay HAHA) that he didnt wake up because at the ending his children were wearing the exact same clothes and didnt grow up at all (haha! funny but true)

Here is the real answer!

At the very ending as his totem was busy spinning and the movie faded out, everyone in the cinema was busy gasping and going what what what (me included).
If you listened to it carefully, you could hear his totem drop. He woke up :)

Okay, so how do I know all this? My sister's friend told her this and verified it because she went to watch it again and paid close attention. Ive yet to verify it myself but I'd like to believe it was true.


Friday, August 20, 2010

anyone wanna go on a cupcake hunt/trip?

the pig iron experiment

If you'd follow me on twitter, a few weeks ago I mention that my mom gave me something that inspired me!
As you can see, the shorts im wearing is from her! She had it in her thirties and im still trying to find the photo of her wearing it. Im so sure I saw it in one of our photo albums.
Back then I guess shorts were really long and had this high zipper crotch part (for comfort???) that would sit at your hips slightly above your belly?
I pulled it a little higher and needed the belt to cinch it so it wouldnt drop. High waist shorts!
Very very glad with the outcome and yay for a new piece of free clothing

Excuse me for being so random, but i was so excited! Also excuse the messy bed and background and I know my pants are so crumpled. I took this after coming home from uni.
Mind you that I am a far cry from being all fashionista. I am most definitely not!
As you can tell, I was so sloppy not making everything look neat and professional. HAHA.

Did I mention she gave me another of her old clothing last week?
She tells me she's amazed by how I can think of such things. Thank you mother, your taylorism artistic-ness runs in your blood. *sarcastic

Thursday, August 19, 2010

people say I hear only what I want to

When they ask me, "What do you think I should do?" I look at them completely perplexed.
Sometimes I really am caught off guard and am rendered speechless but any other time (mostly) I paste a blunt blank face pretending I didn’t catch the matter at hand.
To the more frequent fortunate occasion, this has worked dutifully. I usually am able to dodge giving my two cents.
Any other time; however, when this has failed, I conjure something entirely neutral figured. Impartial and unbiased. I try not to take sides and stay on the fence; no matter how much of a stranger the person im supposedly suppose to be against. Most of the time, I believe everyone should be given the benefit of the doubt. Again, I tend to accomplish what I hope for: not giving an answer,....

I cringe at the sound of the topic only because I am not in a position whatsoever to shove out answers like a shrink. I am far left behind. I work like a self made filter. Take what is clear to me and throwing out whatever is left vague. Somewhere in that residue is something I refuse to recognise and believe it is better off swept under the carpet.

I tell you, I do not know the answers: not then, not now, no matter how much I seem like I do. It is only because I refuse to drag you into my mess, or rather the lack of it.

...occasionally, your clock ticks and you ring, demanding me for an answer, only to realise that I cannot give you one. I cant. I don’t know how to.

If I ever gave you the answer you wanted to hear, then, I am just a hypocrite.
What should/can I do?


yay ive been reblogged on tumblr ! :P
Name of my tumblr shall be kept a secret for now because I am not ready.
Name of the person who reblogged this shall also be kept but thank you!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

you wont ever see how much you mean to me

RM9 owl ring from the bazaar.
Saw alot of those vintage rings I was looking for but they were far far far too pricey for such a teeny tiny size. Still on the search for them.
Let me know if you see them ok!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

you're so close to me

us showing of some of the things we bought from MOEFW.
I am very happy with my owl ring & chunky bracelet. :) I know I was telling Kay and Siew Lee how I regretted buying the bracelet because other shops had similiar ones but RM8 cheaper (LOL) but now I can wear the bracelet without my watch because my bracelet has a mini clock attached. The others didnt have the clock. :D & it was actually quite reasonably priced. Very very very happy :)
Also bought a few other stuff and very well below my allocated budget. I really dont know why I thought I spent so much when I actually only passed half of my budget.
Had a nice 4 hours going crazy with the two.
& it doesnt end there cause we ordered flavoured lipbalms! yumyumyum!

Monday, August 16, 2010


I wear too much black, even when im home.
You dont really need to ask what my favourite colour is.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

when you're away

The people I hang out with while I was in Nottingham. :)
Thanks for the crazy-ness.
Some people may never have the chance of living in a hostel, but I can confidently say I have/did, and apart from the downsides, ill definitely remember the good portion of it.
The occasional (occasional for me cause I like to lock myself in my room to watch movies hurhurhur, but the rest of them will meet up everyday :] ) visits to each other's room to do assignments, homeworks, play cards or talk till 2am/3ams. :) Its like I see them when I wake up, go to class and before I sleep. haha!

Special love for my jpa scholar mates: Aymee my next door room mate, Yann Yi, Joey and Pui Chen who lives 10 steps away from us for making things easier when I was staying/studying there. The assignments, mutual understandings and whatnot.
I cant imagine how crazy you're all going to be when you live in your own house the next few years! Maybe ill come visit :)
Please take a train to Subang one weekend so I can finally bring you to Sunway Pyramid! :P

The larger/extended group of us.
Made by Yann Yi. & I can say the characters look 80% like us!

Lots of love :)
I find it so funny that people who dont know each other have given me countless comments that I look like a rabbit & now I have bunny ears! hahahaha

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What they see, you don't.
Why do I mind this much of what you think? You were never in my life in the first place.
Maybe because I cant put my finger on why. Why you never were.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

just another paradox

Like! thankyou stranger.
we look so happy :)

taken in school last Sunday during Interact IU :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Hermione Granger :) and Emma Watson.
Oh how she made me love Harry Potter!

all that love

Shall make this my phone display picture!

Hello blogverse, its a pretty Monday and im kinda rushing to keep up with my homework/assignments/study schedule. Just cause I slacked for 3 days I am far far behind!

(Note: This is not a rant) Back in Nottingham I used to have my weekends completely free & sometimes I didnt even have to bring home books when I came home during the weekends. ActuallyI dont recall needing to do much homework. Alas, with all these, it feels fairly bearable or maybe im in a good mood :D
I penned it all down, 5 submissions in August, 6 submission in September & 5 submissions in October. Then its finals in November (Submissions meaning assignments & submitted homework which carries marks). Not forgetting my weekly group class presentations which also bears marks. :O No really im not complaining.

I had a good weekend :) and that is something that will keep me going.

I think I am fully recovered (yay!)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

are you ready?

I know what I want and I think you too,
Ive said it before if I can recall, that, wont stop me. It is this, non-existing, cold empty room that might. Before you know it, it is as if I never existed. Cold, dead, forgotten.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

clarity for the heart

Excuse my vanity. it was a rainy Friday afternoon when I was getting ready to head for uni.
I had time to spare. Changing my curtains was the best decision i made for my room. the lighting is much much better.
Today feels like a Sunday no? Slept over at Kay's yesterday and I suck because I dozed off (for a little while? :P ) again! Then came morning and we woke up and talked for a few hours before she dozed off and made me stone. We have different body clocks.
Attending high school's IU day tomorrow with the girls! We are such loyal alumni(s) (funfact: apparently alumni is plural and alumnus is singular) :D Are we too old for these things? :\ No idea what to wear! The one thing that still kinda sucks is the strict no-sleeveless, no-above-knee clothes.
which totally reminds me! My prefect blazer is still in my prefect locker (I hope). Though I really think its gone by now.

Friday, August 6, 2010



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