Thursday, September 30, 2010

make it easy

  • The "love" ring, should I ?
  • Lea Michelle :)
  • Heart shape pancakes with strawberries and syrup, breakfast in bed. dream on.
  • Myself (cue to laugh at stupidity)
  • The light-slow-shutter effect ive been wanting to do myself
  • The wing earrings I have - and love. (obviously not me in the picture sadly)

Happy last day of September.
Wake up people.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

death and his friends

Ive been having dreams with consistent patterns. Repetitions of a particular sequence of events. The first few nights I had dreams of people leaving, those that left or those that are going to, regardless of my relations with them. I know them, its not like they're strangers but just mere acquaintances. Some more than acquaintance obviously. I dont know whats been spurring these mix of events (dreams in this case), its not like Ive been dwelling on it for days. Obviously my subconscience thinks otherwise. One thing I know is that I dont like goodbyes.

Yesterday was the worst of the lot. I dreamt of death and more particularly of someone dear. I woke up (barely) with my face buried in my pillow sobbing so hard. For a moment I really thought it was real. I couldnt wake up, like my body was cuffed to the bed and like I had sand bags tied to my eye lids. This doesnt happen often, almost never. If you'd know me, Im the morning type of person that gets up easily. What was more bizarre was that my coffee dosage hasnt been working either. A cup of coffee the night before usually keeps me awake and insomniac enough to last me through the next day (for long nights of work). It almost felt like I was trapped into believing my dream because everytime i shut my eyes, I fell into the same dream bumping heads with death and his friends. He won.

A minute of sleep can really do that much. Its like entering a world where time slows down, because every time i fell back into sleep, just for a minute, so much could happen. It should be a little frightening that im home alone almost all of the time. To my surprise, i woke up (when i finally did) unshaken, just motionless, not wanting to move anymore. Trying to figure out what the hell just happened.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010

change in all things

Read a book. The covers are usually the ones that attract me. Packaging makes a big difference no? I like plain ones, black glossy ones. Preferably not hard cover because I dont like having the gap behind the bindings, or the flimsy paper cover that wont stay in place (as a matter of fact), but that doesnt matter because i am straying away from my intended metaphor. what was it again?

Ever wonder why films fade out into black screens (really I have no idea). This is a question by the way.

To me, all I see is a clear reflection. After a movie, after (closing a) book. The face of a person who has been too indulgent into fiction. I think that is what they do, blank out so you'd catch a brief glimpse of the face behind the mask, the face that longs for something more but never had the prospect. For maybe that 40 minutes, an hour or so, felt contented seeing the happy endings of non existence, because a part of me wants to believe that at every end of a rainbow lies a pot of gold.

Im not sure why im writing this or where I am going with it now, im looking at my notes and all i wrote was, Like watching a movie & when it goes blank, all you see is yourself. Then, I had a point to prove, now im just confused.

Thats that.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


gif animator

Friday, September 24, 2010

& thats where I want to be

She lives in a fairy tale,
Somewhere too far for us to find,
Forgotten the taste and smell
of the world that she left behind

Keep your feet on the ground
when your head's in the clouds

Ill miss you :')

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

stage four

after what seemed like hours I managed to mould my heart out of candle wax - NOT easy i tell you! the wax dries up really quickly and ironically blends together really quickly (and annoyingly) as well, just when you've finally got the edges right. also had numerous attempts of lying in the wet grass, waiting for the flames to neatly fall behind the heart, not poke out like a sore thumb but still bright enough to light up the back.

happy lantern festival all :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

If i die young

If I die young bury me in satin
Lay me down on a bed of roses
Sink me in the river at dawn
Send me away with the words of a love song

The sharp knife of a short life, well
I’ve had just enough time

I dont feel like myself lately.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

an old picture

liking my new background :)

Ive finally decided to take down my cbox, partially because its been getting (annoyingly) spammed so much.
Ive always like commenting on the post itself anyways.

Friday, September 17, 2010

it didnt have to be

Monday, September 13, 2010


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Leaving the rest

Bold what you love. Italic what you like.

1) Striped socks.
2) Winter vacation.
3) Minty breath.
4) Warm hands.
5) Sublime.
6) Proving people wrong.
7) Sketching.
8) Steel drums.
9) Tampons.
10) The Sims 2.
11) Kissing.
12) Backpacks.
13) Cloudy weather.
14) Picking out presents for people.
15) Kevin Flamme.
16) Boys.
17) Old movies.
18) Reminiscing.
19) Mario Party.
20) Orange juice.
21) Interesting people.
22) Late-night texting.
23) Cool teachers.
24) Levi jeans.
25) The city bus.
26) Cardigans.
27) Sneezing.
28) Drinking cold water.
29) Finding money in my pockets.
30) Making connections.
31) Books.
32) Bolding surveys.
33) A clean bedroom.
34) Collages.
35) Meeting people.
36) Comfortable positions.
37) Headphones.
38) Marathons.
39) Packing to go somewhere.
40) Mascara.
41) Daydreaming.
42) Possibilities.
43) Ramen.
44) Notepads.
45) Burt’s Bees.
46) Babysitting.
47) Actually getting homework done.
48) Feeling good about myself.
49) Complimenting people.
50) PostSecret.
51) Confiding in people.
52) Themed things.
53) T shirts.
54) Gentlemen.
55) Singing harmonies.
56) Being surprised.
57) New clothes.
58) Target.
59) Long eyelashes.
60) Bright Eyes.
61) Naps.
62) Nicely-dressed boys.
63) Barack Obama.
64) Tweezed eyebrows.
65) Inside jokes.
66) Eye-contact.
67) Acronyms.
68) Thinking.
69) Animals.
70) Collecting turtles.
71) Understanding.
72) Friendship bracelets.
73) Meaningful items.
74) Simon & Garfunkel.
75) Silly pictures.
76) Raspberries.
77) Not going to school.
78) Star Trek.
79) Reading blogs.
80) Showering away problems.
81) Worn-in shoes.
82) Paranormal televison shows.
83) Facebook chat.
84) Baked ziti.
85) Visiting my elementary school.
86) Soft blankets.
87) Big words.
88) Staying up late.
89) Second chances.
90) Piggy-back rides.
91) Saying words over and over until they sound really strange.
92) Surrealism.
93) The feeling of relief after going pee.
94) Home videos.
95) Unusual names.
96) Diving boards.
97) Smilies.
98) Cats.
99) Feeling better.
100) Considerate people.

shall i come back again?

I want!

Found one the other day but did not get it because it was too pricey. :(
More than double the price of my "Hope". I shall resist for now, and do that, "If I see it again the second time and still love it, i'll consider buying it".

Parents went to Johor for a 3day 2 night holiday and it felt okay to stay home alone, I guess thats what you learn from living in a hostel for a year.
The chores like cleaning up the house and washing the clothes, I can do, its the walking my dog alone that I dislike but it wasnt sooo bad.

Drove to KL with the other three girls on Friday. Super impromptu! but the roads were clear so why not? Got a little lost on our way back (we ended up at the entrance of a cemetery with broken street lights that made looking out for signboards harder) but we made our way to bangsar & back to subang (kota kemuning for my case). Dinner was awesome :D
It'll be the last time for a long time, that the four of us would hang out together again.

Cooked dinner for the boy below on Saturday. For a person who didnt follow any recipe whatsoever, I think i did pretty good :P (it was all on instincts). Thought I definitely should have looked up how long I needed to roast the chicken. The only thing I looked up was how to make roasted chicken gravy but surprisingly the only thing that sucked and didnt turn out right was exactly that, but he stepped in that made some instinctive amendments to it, so dinner was saved?

This week, I am thankful for a nice week I had :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hours, if not days

I study her face. There are a few faint lines, at the corners of her eyes and mouth, that are the merest suggestion of the beginnings of her face in middle age. I will never see that face of hers, and regret it bitterly, the face which she will go on without me, which will never be kissed by me, which will belong to a world that I won't know, except as a memory of her's, relegated finally to a definite past.

The book has gotten to me and im a big pile of emotional mess thinking too much about life and death.

30 more pages and I am reluctant. Reaching the end with no more pages to bookmark is almost equivalent to death in this book, no matter what the ending. I never liked reaching the last page of any book for that matter.

Im not sure what this means, but I came across this link myself, amazing story, and watching it once is definitely not enough to grasp the hidden meanings, the tone in their voices and the love that shines through the recordings. no matter how many times i watch it, i still find myself tearing. enjoy.
a true story perfectly captured.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

on our way

Im sure by now you know how much I love my rings.

This is Kay's, not mine.
helped her buy it cause when she wanted to buy it she couldnt find it
but I seem to find it every time i went to stores.

okay this is mine.
I really want one that says "love" too :)

I found you !!!!
okay actually I saw this before but didnt buy it cause it was in a size L and totally unwearable.
Finally found one in a size M, just a size bigger so it was better.
I wear a size S and I couldnt bear to try my luck and wait anymore.

check out the pink stapled sides wahahaha.

Monday, September 6, 2010


didnt do anything out of the ordinary but everything was good. :)
although your initial plan failed but the effort and thought of it already makes me happy.
thank you for dinner! i think people might think how we eat is weird, but i like it just as it is. :)

Funny how we unconsciously went to the place where we set off.

thankyou for everything (:

Saturday, September 4, 2010

I want to go someday

A few months back when Eclipse came out, I won a pair of tickets for the premiere of that movie. Sadly I didnt manage to attend it because I got ditched (hmph!) :P its okay all is forgiven.

The question was, who did i prefer: Edward of Jacob
I found my entry in my folders, beware of stupidity :P

If I had to choose between the two,
It would be pretty hard because they’re both so cool.

Firstly Jacob Black,
I bet he doesn’t snack,
Look at his body! That’s something he doesn’t lack.
Watch out, he looks prepared to attack,
He can whip your butt and say “Take that!”

Edward Cullen,
He makes me so smitten.
How do I ignore him?
I definitely shouldn’t!
He runs so fast he can jump at me in a sudden!
Look at me I’m using all my exclamations!

Jacob’s real name is Taylor Lautner,
People say he is so much hotter,
But really, I beg to differ.

The only thing that comes to mind,
Is the image of Taylor playing little Shark Boy.
I can’t erase that memory of him, that cute little kid who was barely fifteen,
Every time that image comes to mind, I really go, “Oh Boy...”.

But dear Edward Cullen,
He has such fair skin!
It looks as if he has zero melanin.
That really puts us girls to shame.
But that’s okay because that was part of his game.

His real name is Robert Pattinson,
I first saw him a few years before,
when he acted beside ol’ Harry Potter.
He was already so alluring,
It made him seem very charming.

Robert likes music and strums his guitar,
This makes me like him more and more,
He’s so dreamy and he’s so tall,
He’s so poetic and he has it all.

So if you’d ask me to pick between the two,
I’d have to think really hard,
Which one makes me go “Oooo! Oooo!”

So now it’s time!
You have my answer,
If you want to know,
I’d choose the latter.
Do I really need to consider?

Without a doubt it is already ever so clear.
Im sorry werewolf, you were so very near,
Cause really,
I only have eyes for a vampire!

Truthfully I am on no one's side. I am pretty much mutual between the two.
The only reason why I chose the vampire was because I thought of the last few lines before I came up with the rest and I just had to use it hahahahaha.

It was a Friday yesterday! & This week I want to be thankful for safety cause I almost had two near accidents.
One, with that this dog that almost attacked me when I was walking my dog alone. My neighbor heard me scream for help okay, it was that bad. The owner of that dog couldnt control her humongous dog.
Two, I was tired from uni and didnt break in time before the junction, so my car was sticking out alot, thankfully the van avoided me in time but I think he gave me the finger. hrm..

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

born to run

That post of random photos from my phone again:

Guess who's pencil case?


It's so jam when I drive home after class on Thursdays :(
duhh its 6pm.
start all the way from Monash's traffic light (and more) ok :(

The other day I was wondering what car plate number I would like,
and thought since Selangor car plate's state with a B, BKR would be nice,
cause those are the innitials for Baskin Robbins no?
Then I saw this! with a 1991 ! (birth year)

Made pizza for dinner with my mom.

Bathed my lovable dog. dont you think I take such stupid pictures.

and of course, when im stuck in a jam.

Craving update: Banana leaf rice flooded with curry. please please please!


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