Sunday, October 31, 2010


The most adorable boy ever !!!
I was so obsessed i dreamt of him yesterday night. Even my subconscious loves him.
The moment you start the sequence you wont stop!
Watch to get what I mean :)

Friday, October 29, 2010


Thursday, October 28, 2010

so, now its being judged for giving a harmless honest opinion that is obviously (or at least, unintentionally) not offending?

i dont know what i can do to make you happy anymore :(

whats the point of trying when you wont let me in.

edit; to put it in layman terms, dont assume this blog posts or previous ones are interrelated, directed or whatsoever. it is way more than just that and far too mixed up, unnecessary, troublesome for me to clarify. but my point is, they do not relate.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

in this vile place

I miss familiarity.
Come to think of it, I don’t remember what you smell like and that makes me sad.
I usually pick up scents easily; it’s just something I do. I think if you’d blindfold me I could tell who walked by me.

Despite me uttering words repetitively, I don’t do much. Im sorry, maybe in a while?
What I can tell you is that I miss the presence and rationality in your speaking. The one with no strings attached and tone of wishing me well. How do you do it?
Ive been having random demotavating occurrence lately, none of which I can share with you, yet. But with all things into consideration, I know that you would have been cheering me on no matter what. That is enough to comfort me for now.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Prettiest background up to date (!!)


Monday, October 25, 2010


Lately Ive just been a little scattered. Just when I thought Id figured out whats what and whos who reality punches me in the face.
Do people change? I guess they dont.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


A public declaration of how much i sayang my sister for thinking of me when she saw an OPI vendor that dropped by her uni (Singapore) selling them at a really much cheaper price (more than half the price infact) and thought of me <3

She was rushing for class so without even thinking of calling me first, she just grabbed one to go. She wasnt sure if they would be back for more the next day.
After her classes she came back to ask me to pick a few colours so if they'd came back the next day she'd get them for me. She'd already thought of buying more for me without me even asking haha sayang !!!

Faster come back so I can use them! :D

(1) Malaga Wine (the one she grabbed to go)
(2) Lincoln Park at Midnight (I actually wanted Lincoln Park after Dark but I think she didnt realise the name difference but still awesome! I read that Lincoln Park after Dark's purple was only visible under light so yay for her mistake :D !)
(3) You Dont Know Jacques! (my number one priority! the must-find in the list)

Thank you sister. This post is to publicly acknowledge your kind presents :)

The best gifts are the ones you don't ask for.

Friday, October 22, 2010

something about love

ave been MIA only because I felt demotivated to blog recently.
Sometimes when Im feeling completely crummy I look at my blog my blog posts and see how completely irrelevant, pointless and silly they are.
But today after feeling not so crummy, I guess it is still completely irrelevant pointless and silly but blogging is something I wont ever lose interest in, at least not for now.

Not trying to sound all mastermind and stuff but what is people's view/definition of blogs?
I know there comes a point where we would acknowledge the fact that "oh, this is my blog and I can say whatever I want to even if its what I do every minute" but at the same time we are the same people who get annoyed with those blogs. Then on the other end, we'd only blog when we want to convey something intellectual or artsy but sometimes really just want to ramble on pointless things but don't cause we'd want to maintain that vision of intelligence.

Im not saying we fall in either categories or directing it at anyone.
I do admit that sometimes im a little afraid of being judge about what I post on my blog. Like, do I annoy people when I ramble about pointless things? (I even have a tag for that-"those boring rants" HA-HA-HA).

But like I said, regardless, I will go on blogging.

Random (vain) pictures I think I never posted before?

(1) when the lighting was pretty!
(2) card from the girl in UK (I miss your honest opinions!)
(3) -------------------
(4) a pretty long time back in starbucks :)

My favourite boys :D

sorry if I do annoy you with Those Boring Rants!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Saturday, October 16, 2010

blurry lines

A little update on life:

After 6 assignments, 6 submissions, 3 online test & 1 mid semester test, I am feeling relieved!
Maybe just for today. About 2 weeks till my finals and then im done for the semester.
Usually by now I would feel super anxious about my exams because 2 weeks is so close (!!) but let me feel relieved for a while.

My life is peaking in the boring lifestyle pyramid, just so you know.

What im currently loving?
My little black book ;)

Here's random photos from my phone from August till now.

super pretty sky !

the day i felt a little too pink

playing with lanterns in my garden

at the airport D:

gif animator

and something old from Tze Yin's camera.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I cannot help but smile and cringe at the same time.
The details are written at the bottom bar in YouTube. So click the url if you wanna know why we were suddenly performing.
We were 17 so excuse us please.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Its rather ironic that when I stayed in a hostel 4-5 days a week last time, I went out more than I do now when I stay at home everyday. I dont mind really, I like staying home.
I really REALLY havent been going out at all (family outings excluded).
I suddenly feel like going out feeling carefree, heading out for movies not minding whatever time it starts, taking time to eat, walk around aimlessly and not rush to go back cause everything has to be scheduled and planned so that no time is wasted. Its just now the same anymore.
As usual, everyone is too busy to spare time for me :( Of course, I dont blame them, cause I was one of them when I had my due dates choking me.
Yup Im speaking for myself.

Soon I hope.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

make me a cuppa

Pictures taken today.
This is what I do when I have time to spare before my 2.30pm class. Why do I even bother going when its the sorta lectures I can read directly off my text book. I dont know, the amount of money my parents paid for probably.
Credits goes to Darren for the last picture taken when he came over at night. After a little coaching of how I wanted it to be. Finally found a pretty "love" ring with such an awesome price. Yes I know, despite having frequent shopping trips for rings, I can tell you that 8 our of 10 times, my rings are at the affordable & cheap margin. Im not an expensive shopper, I like the thrill of finding good buys. It takes lots of will power to let go of the pretty and expensive ones but when you find one that is perfect, it is! No regrets of letting go of the previous "love" ring I found which was almost triple the price, although that was a bigger ring but this is a stand-up ring if you havent noticed (!)
So what im trying say is, lets all try to be less impulsive together cause it pays off :D

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

mr nonsense

Sometimes people ask me how I can stand Darren cause he's sucha pile of nonsense.

Recently Ive realized after 4 years we sort of rubbed ourselves (pun unintended) on each other. If you haven't noticed, Ive become rather more nonsense and he more serious.
Id like to think it created a balance :D (consoles) okay maybe ive rubbed on a little too much serious into him. :\ but my point is, I am wayyy too serious.

So heres my answer, the reason why I can stand his pile of nonsense is because I need a pile of nonsense in my life. Dont you think so?


Sunday, October 3, 2010


i miss school when i could see everyone everyday

Friday, October 1, 2010

defining moments

Theres a kind of support you ask for,
Theres a kind of support you dont ask for
and the kind that just shows up.


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