Friday, December 31, 2010


Today is the last day of 2010,
I remember quite clearly how i felt last year.
To be honest I am a little scared of the coming year. I for one know how things can change drastically.
I am not going to state how I am going to be better next year, do this or do that because like I said, anything can happen & I dont like to disappoint. Myself and others.
This time, right now, I am grateful with all that I have now & I can only thank God for everything. It's a long story but I am (quite) sure this is what I think He is trying to tell me/do for me, and although it wasnt easy, right now, I can say, Im okay.

Some of the things I wrote in my blog the year before

Im not looking forward for the coming year.
Sometimes im not sure if im strong enough.

I like the sound of saying “Twenty-Ten”.
Unlike other years before this, Im not too eager to imagine whats coming up. Maybe this is the better side of it.
No plans, no expectations.

I guess this (what I said above) is what I am going to read next year.
Happy New Year everyone :) Be safe and see you next year!

Begin to be now what you will be hereafter

We got ourselves a room at Hard Rock Hotel which was soooo beautiful. Quickly changed into more comfy clothes because we didnt want to waste any time.

I remember being one of those tourist who would stand outside Universal Studios starring blankly, trying to imagine what was inside.
Going in was so exciting and I dont believe Ive ever seen my parents so excited either.

Fyi, the whole place is more for a sightseeing sort of thing. Dont expect much thrilling roller coaster rides because you wont get them there. Still, i definitely recommend you to check out Universal Studios! Especially if you've havent been to other parks like Disneyland because I heard its 10X better. So go check out Universal Studios before Disneyland to avoid disappointment if you get what I mean. :D

Betty Boop!

We went in so early it was so empty!

Greek themed

Battlestar Galactica

Jurassic Park

The people who performed the live show of Waterworld!!
I loveeeee the movie and its so amazing that it was so alike to the movie.

Battlestar Galactica's ride which wasnt opened :(

Madagascar's ship!

Kungfu Panda


Woody Woodpecker's girlfriend?

Gloria and Alex that I didnt get to take a photo with because they were going to rest :(

Far Far Away!

more mascots!
Mummy Centaurs
We sadly did not bump into Marilyn Monroe and Charlie Chaplin mascots :(

some dodgy-like alley that was pretty nice

HUGE New York pizza i heard of from watching Sex and the City. hahaha

It was night time already so we went back to our hotel to bathe and came back to Universal Studios for some awesome fireworks and to walk around one last time.

Pretending to waiting for someone like in the movies because
this was a theater har-har-har.


too short

I cant imagine what Disneyland would be like! I think my heart will explode out of excitement.
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Thursday, December 30, 2010

People who throw kisses are hopelessly lazy

filtering 400 plus pictures is not easy. especially when they are all too pretty to look at/keep. i considered editting them before upload to give it more oomph but that would take me forever and i am too lazy. D: here's a sneak while i continue filtering pictures.


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