Sunday, February 27, 2011

wants #2

things i want #2
nothing keeps me sane (from mentally preparing myself a day before uni resumes ) than to crave for things that i want and dont have. obviously i am joking.

how do they do it D:

miscellaneous accessories, and random pretty items

Chanel bag. the real deal! I think that would be first thing I would buy when i have a permanent job. :p

Homemade pancakes.

a short mini bow necklace
note: please let me know if you ever see one anywhere!

turquoise converse or any other pretty colours

a typewriter

cream cheesecake :D

blue/grey eyes please D:

ive been coughing and sneezing the whole day it isnt funny : (

Friday, February 25, 2011

quite infectious

when you come to think of it, we really had no boundaries trying to draw whatever we want.
it just took a lot of practice and do overs to get the right image. :p
the pattern was mostly: fix camera, press shutter, run, hide behind main image, and draw as fast you can before the shutter clicks. the running bit really had us sweating.

Lillian's first attempt! quite a success no?
okay maybe i have a broken wing

my second attempt in drawing an umbrella. looks more like a jelly fish to me.

this was our like 8th attempt trying to draw.... (please guess :p)

and first attempy trying to draw King Triton!

Looking forward to do more of these :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Look into my eyes and listen to me!

Monday, February 21, 2011


Gif Created on Make A Gif

Lillian lifting air as i draw her imaginary weights :D

what else is there to say?

spontaneous fun night out to a uni not ours. subway, snogurt, carlsburg, new york cheesecake!
plenty more that had us sweating. :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

silly love songs

I took this picture to upload during Valentines but only remembered about it 4 days later (only because I watched Glee's Valentine episode just now).
Im really proud of this picture! it was only our second attempt! my sis drew the heart and I, the bow. not bad ey? Plus! its unedited. :D

Well, Happy Post Valentines!
everyday is suppose to be valentines day no? :p

& um, here's our first attempt. hahahaha

wants #1

So here is a mindless post of things that I want. Heck I shall even create a label for these posts because they are so self entertaining.

I want that necklace!

I want to do something like this when I have nothing else better to do.


I want to learn ballet :(
or rather I wished I learnt ballet.

I want to figure out how to do this. tried and failed.

I want to stare at Dianna Agron for hours.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

get rockmelt !

Have you heard of RockMelt? Darren told me about it today and said I would like it.
Im only trying it out for the first hour and so far, I like it!
If you're the kind that access Facebook & Twitter everyday, then get RockMelt now!
If you'd thought Google Chrome was good, try this seriously! cause you get Google Chrome, Facebook and Twitter all in one screen.
Twitter updates and Facebook notifications are instant which I find pretty interesting.
It may not be everyone's cup of tea but give it a try!
It might be annoying but maybe I might get use to it? who knows.

Go here now and try it out!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

those boring rants #20

so when i said i wanted to bum around before uni starts i didnt intend to take it so literal.
i find myself recuperating every morning from the late night before. doing what? I have absolutely no idea. surprisingly, i have been enjoying sleep more lately being the person that never liked sleep, but since i have the time, why not? :p

sadly, i have not had the time to do as much reading as i would have liked. i like reading in the early mornings of around 9am or 10am but most day i wake up after 10am and it gets too hot to read in the garden. ive also been putting off clearing my book shelves for the new semester and reorganising. and writing for that matter D:

i have however been engrossed into watching reality tv series (harharhar!) like The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. Its my first time and i was hooked! okay it isnt that great but in the spirit of valentines i was in the mood for some romance & you'd be surprise how it can make you smile.

okay i guess thats about it for today's randomly boring post.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

make it count

pictures from Nancy's and Michael's.

This year would be the fifth year I look at you and still feel something warm and cuddly inside of me. Its no secret that we've been together officially for only two years.

I guess this is the first time of me writing it in black and white that it was my intention to only get into a relationship after high school. & it is beyond amazing of him to have , I guess waited for me until I was ready.
I knew you could always see us sitting in class together or walking out of school side by side. but that was it. Let me tell you, it was extremely hard trying to resist holding his hand or giving him a hug over all those years. What difference would that be of being "in a relationship" right?
But that of course is in my opinion. & like I said, all that was important to me.

I guess not many people could have stood by me when I was so silly about all this but like I said, it meant something to me.

So thank you :) thank you for everything, for being my first and being with me over all these years.
Happy Valentines & I love you!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I want Lauren Conrad's hair :o

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

every february, you'll be my valentine

Its already February! :o Uni starts really soon. Im quite thankful I have the some time off after stopping work to recollect myself, bum around and spend time with people especially with him before uni commences. Despite us being in the same uni we barely have the time for each other. That goes for weekends too.

Treated him to Ole Ole Bali on his birthday. It was a toss between this or Japanese but since I treated him to Tenji last year why not this instead. Watched Shaolin after that and I'd say it was not bad. Not great but not bad.
It was just like a typical date but the fact that these things never bore me makes me happy. :)
& also because we havent been dating when I was working. Something always came up during the weekends or it would end up in a group outing (not that im complaining about going out in groups! I love going out in groups haha!). Its just that Ive missed our one on one dates :))

The person taking the picture didnt count to three.D:
We look stiff and awkward haha!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

show me how to burlesque!

Yesterday I attended the premiere of Burlesque in Midvalley with my mom and it was AMAZING. I cannot count how many times I had goosebumps. Im not sure if its because I am a sucker for musicals (although I wouldnt quite consider this as a musical because it is far much more than just that!) or because I just love anything dance related. Plus our screening had no cuts and censors. double plus! :D
The plot was a little dull but who really cares when you have so much talent to adore.
I very much recommended to watch this! But if you'd asked me, I would wait for the DVDs to come out because being Malaysia, they'd probably cut all the nice parts out.

Pictures above are credited to Sony Pictures and Nuffnang who sent them for this review.

I tried going early just so I could get the freebies like the OPI Burlesque collection but totally failed because other people were far more enthusiastic. I was sardined till I lost hope. This was the only premiere I bothered going early for because it was the only one that had freebies (amongst the ones Ive went to so far btw). I might need to reconsider next time. :p

One dancer I could not keep my eyes of was Paula Van Oppen from So You Think You Can Dance season 6. I remember watching her and listed her as my favourite back then. I was super disappointed when she declined to be in the top 20 because she wanted to take on a movie role. I thought she was insane but seeing that that movie was probably Burlesque, all is good. (note: checked the net and it is true! she turned down being in the top 20 for Burlesque! :D)
She's not as prominent in the movie and I think she only had one line (which was like "fine"or "okay" or something like that) but still, love her to bits!

she's 20 this year by the way!

Burlesque starts screening on 17th February 2011 :)

here's a clip of paula and some dancers :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

i wouldnt have it any other way

Happy Birthday to the boyfriend :D
Hope I didnt disappoint or bore you today.

Loves you.

*technically today is still the 6th despite the blog post date because im still awake from the 6th. hehe

Sunday, February 6, 2011

love and other drugs

Since Chinese New Year isnt over yet, Happy New Year! :)
Dont be too greedy when gambling :p

Saturday, February 5, 2011

bookmark this page

Happy Birthday to one of my oldest and bestest friend!
I dont think any friend has come this close to being like a sister to me. MWAH MWAH.


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