Monday, May 30, 2011

whats love

you suck at smiling for the camera :p
love you much nonetheless.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

memory and honestly

I know Ive always asked for opinions from everyone and anyone before deciding.
I find myself going the opposite ways of what people tell me to do these days.
Its not so much of trying to go my own way but rather having that feeling like a bulb just lighted.
Its like if someone agrees to what Id say it makes me feel better about my choice.
Its goes the same if they disagreed because whatever im feeling the minute they say it tells me everything, you know?
Like id know if my guts telling me that i should defend my choice.
or if they were right.

I guess thats why ive liked asking people things.
Not so much of weather they are deciding it for me cause ive already made up my mind.

Although I do know that sometimes I come off a little hasty and anxious.

Well hello everyone :)
In about a months time on this very day, i will finish my last paper.
& then off i go for a beachy holiday in Langkawi and then Sabah a week later for another beachy experience. & just maybe, if the timing is right, might just head down to Singapore alone to bunk with my sister, just for fun, after her Canada trip of course. The perks of having a sibling who stays in a hostel. I can disguise as a student myself, no one would know.
whoop whoop!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

those boring rants #23

Havent realised ive been quite MIA from the laptop recently.
Having one of the last heavy-weight assignment handed up I didnt see the need to use the laptop.
Whats more Ive been extremely hooked onto my little white gadget. Totally worth my savings.

So exams are about less than a month away but contrary to that, like I said, having passed up one of the last  major assignment, lifts this huge virtual weight off my shoulders.
I havent felt this, um free (?) for some time now. But I shall only let my freedom be short lived or else i shall suffer when exams are really nearing.

& really, why are all the good movies coming out all at once ?!
Speaking of movies, my sister just went to the filming site of X-men in Canada. (inserts sigh.......)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

amazing race?

Couldnt have been longer if we didnt get eliminated sooo early :p

Monday, May 9, 2011

you can go your own way


We were all pumped for Amazing Race along with other 50 teams.
The first task was to make a cushion out of newspapers so that when they dropped the egg it wouldnt break.
our's did so we had a time penalty :(
Had to run to Elephant walk from Monash for the next clue. Okay so I didnt realise how much my stamina has dropped since high school D: no excuses of course. I was the last person running in our group :p sorry!
Then we had to run from Elephant walk to the One Academy while looking for clues.
Clues which were missing because teams infront ripped it off, so we were running around like lost chickens along with other teams.
Finally when we were fed with the clue we checked in to the first pit stop and got eliminated for being the last ten to check in :(
Disappointed our amazing race was short lived :(

Headed for some bubble tea, fried chicken and meeples instead. :)

Thanks for the fun time you four ! :)

video should be up soon

Sunday, May 1, 2011

one of those days

one lovely sunny day when i was driving home from usj.


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