Friday, July 29, 2011

the places

If I could, I would buy pretty wrapping papers, close my eyes, press imaginary ctrl + C & ctrl + V and plaster them all over my walls.

This is my space, where I have a say in what goes where and what it looks like.
Something about room deco makes me really happy.

off to sad Friday classes.
but honestly, I am actually quite okay with it. maybe just for today.

oh and I had such a bitter sleep yesterday,
accompanied my sister to watch a DVD yesterday night, so we slept downstairs.
This lead to mosquitoes furiously feeding on my poor blood and my manja dog jumping on both of us because there was thunder.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

remember to forget

what is it with me driving in cars and having abrupt confrontations.

today i realise that some things are only as bad as we imagine them to be. note: some.
but who is to say that we dont paint all sorts of things in our minds.

i remember feeling like a ball of raging mess, but when it was time for me to recall it, i really couldnt remember parts of it. it wasnt like it was my nature to have a random short-term memory loss or that i easily forget things, it was just plainly that i couldnt remember it and it didnt kill me to dig out what it was so i can recall what pained me.
i would like to think of it as a reminder to let go and love the better days. why fan the flames?

on an unrelated note, i cant wait for the weekend to come. :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

ive got dreams to remember

Going to Sabah and coming home made me realise how much I want to go back there again.
To Mount Kinabalu, to conquer it. Now im really hoping the trip to climb Mount Kinabalu with the high school people when we graduate will actually happen!
According to veteran's stories, a 2 month training prior to climbing is needed. 
All this just sounds too exciting hahahahaha.

I am also kind of obsessed with the idea of snorkeling. 

Oh and I somehow feel obliged to share this good and amazing news with everyone:
A 2-hour taxi ride, in a Toyota Unser from the city to the mountain (or vice versa) costs only RM16-RM20.
I never fail to amaze people when I tell them that.
A freaking 2 hour ride okay! In which 1 and a half hour is spent oogling and admiring God's amazing hillside mountain creations.

That aside, uni starts in 4 days! 
Im slightly excited (?) but i know i'll dread it later on.

I am quite glad ive managed to do the things ive set out for myself to do for the holidays, especially spring clean my room, put up new things onto my walls and all that.
Here's to making the best out of the last few days of my holidays : )

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

a multitude of casualties

the cruelty of being tossed around like an inflated balloon.

im not going to always be there just whenever you want me to be.

regardless, I am always just there: waiting.

it is just unfair for you to keep me in the dark, long enough to ease what discomforts you.

how long will it be before you notice that nobody can be what you want them to be.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

running to stand still

A few weeks ago i had a crossroad.
Both ends didnt seem to be any better than the other. but both didnt seem that bad either.

Turns out i didnt have to choose anyway because i was in His plans already.
I cannot be more thankful.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

sunset by the beach

absolutely love how i dont have to touch up on any photos because (to me) the lighting is just perfect.
just a hint of gloomy. perfect for the sunset photo.
my very first sunset by the beach by the way :)
by 6.30pm the sun in Sabah disappeared, wayyy different from Semenanjung Malaysia.
It was also pretty awesome that we could see the sun and the moon at the same type at opposite ends :)

& ive always wanted to do that heart sign. finally had the chance.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

down under

Monday, July 11, 2011

what comes after the blues

A majority of people above are people whom i have never had a chance to be in the same class with, the same course with and what not.
Everyone one of them above except me, was a part of Ausmat, a foundation program in Sunway & despite my (short) stay in Sunway, I never really got to know them when i was studying there.

I remember the first time meeting them, close to two years ago. & actually, a rather haste, last minute decision at that. I had just finished my class that day and bumped into Darren who finished his, and decided to head to dinner with his college friends out of pure spontaneity.
Not long after that, they had a road trip to PD and invited me along despite only meeting me once. & being the usual me, I bet I wasnt very socially the first time they met me either, still they warmly welcomed me.

Since then I am grateful for all the other invites to their group events. :)
If I never had that dinner with them that day, I probably wouldnt have been invited & gone on that trip and never would these successive events happen.

Thank you all for being such nice, awesome and lovely people.
I am always happy and thankful when i see an invitation event notification :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

crying wont help you now

when we get too comfortable we take things for granted.
dont take things for granted. dont. please.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Friends that ive known for years, some almost a decade, some more than a decade.
My mom told me today that once we all start working, we wont have time for each other anymore.
Deep down I know she was already wrong.

No distance can ever come in between people you've shared your life with.

of course, the people above arent the only one.

come home soon :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

girls minus the other three guys.

Back from our 3 days 2 nights trip.
our first but definitely not last trip together :)
no matter where you head in life, you always end up in the comfort of the people you saw every single day in school. 

We spent most of our holiday in the 24 hour pool & the beach right outside our door step.
We actually went to the beach plus the pool in a total of 7-8 times.
Had a mini day trip to Malacca for some chicken rice balls and shopping for our families & pictionary was hilarious.

Thank you people:)


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