Tuesday, January 31, 2012

first & second

prepare to be severely blinded my colours

people say my sis looks like my dad and I, like my mom when I was younger.
but nowadays they say I look like my dad.

Panda with a red ribbon! :3

All the relatives. :)
so colourful my eyes want to pop out.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

I dont think its wrong to make everything perfect.
I only have one chance at it. I can never have this moment again, so why cant I do what I can while I can?


I just realised how long overdued this is.
I totally forgot about how I was so gung ho into doing a review about my trip to Camerons recently. So here goes!

The journey up was alright, we took a longer but less curvy road, supposedly safer.
We went up on a Wednesday and contrary to what all the websites say about "opening daily", they didnt. The only one that was open was Big Red Strawberry Farm. Others like EQ Strawberry Farm & Kok Lim was closed. Just so you know.

The very sinful menu!

The food was good but not great.
The strawberries were also a little limited to choose from. We took some time to find big red ones, but come to think about it, I think it depends on your luck. As mentioned earlier, other strawberry farms were closed so naturally everyone would have flocked to this strawberry farm instead; hence, less for us to choose from, no?
Big Red Strawberry sells 0.5kg of strawberries for RM25.

They also had lots of little cute cactus!
6 for RM10 which is a total bargain! but lets be honest, what am I going to do with a cactus.

So prior to the trip, we did some research and found a few recommended places.
Jasmine Cafe was one of them and im not saying this because of coincidence!
The whole shop seemed to have good business and mostly filled with foreigners.
We ordered their house specialities, filet mignon and something else I cant remember right now (picture below). 
We also order two of their recommended strawberry shake which tasted good. Though, after a few sips we realised a strange consistency and realised it was chunks of small PLASTIC. Easily mistaken for little edible strawberry seeds/residue since it was a shake. We asked if we could have one of the drinks replaced so that we could comfirm our suspicion. The new strawberry shake did not have it so we asked for the other drink to be replaced and the owner got quite pissed off because I think he thought we were playing with him. He didnt even want to respond to us when we called for the bill and we had to call his worker. Quite silly of him and very unprofessional. 
Oh and somewhere in between we asked the worker how the shake was made, and he said that it was in a frozen PLASTIC bag that they will take out of and blend it into the shake. So it was quite possible that the plastic stuck to the product.

Overall the food was good but the service wasnt pleasant. 

Our 3 days stay also had complimentary 2 day's breakfast which was actually really good!
Nasi Lemak, porridge, any type of egg, cereal, salad, fruits, assorted breads, western breakfast, yogurts, other beverages, roti canai.

Went to the Boh Tea Centre. Apparently this is the new modern one.
View was amazing, super nice to just have tea and relax.
A pot of tea was about RM3.50-RM5?

So while we were up, we saw another sign board to another strawberry farm. Raju Hill's strawberry farm.
The strawberries there were disappointing. Small and not red, though cheap. Workers there were friendly but maybe a little bit TOO friendly. I dont recommend this place at all to be honest.

Went to the Rose Valley because I somehow heard somewhere that I could get a bouquet roses in cameron for a super good price?! Sadly I saw no such thing. I didnt even see roses for sale except in pots not stalks.
Rose Valley was less than average, nothing special. RM4 entry fee, not sure if I would recommend people to go in. Im pretty sure you've seen the flowers inside before, so nothing very special.

Drove around and stopped by this place to pee and ended up staying for quite long because again, the view was amazing.
Photo below was right outside the toilet can.
Had some scones and cake, walked around and even saw people having their wedding photo shoot.

So on the second day, we also went to EQ's Strawberry farm which had much much more variety of strawberries to choose from and was selling at 0.5kg for RM20.
We even went back on the third day to pick more for our families. I pity the people who would come to pick strawberries the day after us because I think we swiped all the good ones! Like I said, I think you'd have to see your luck.

Our room was very very pretty!
Super big space. We bought a deal from mydeals to stay in Strawberry Park Resort and got a free upgrade.

Before going back we dropped by the older Boh Tea Plantation.
Not as posh compared to the newer one but there was this mini hike up the hill and it was actually pretty fun.
We all got sun burnt although we didnt feel it at all at the time.

Look at the clouds!

& then scones again :)

Overall I would say that I enjoyed the trip lots!
I think a 3 day 2 night would suffice, and would definitely recommend people to go during the weekends.
Loads of things were closed although they claimed to be open "everyday" on their website. This would include other farms and food places. We also missed the weekend night market :( 
Oh! and there is absolutely NOTHING to do at night so make sure you spend your day time wisely!
I think Cameron is a super nice mellow place to go but not somewhere I would go again in the near future.
Its the kind of place you'd go after a long period of time.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


of course we wouldnt let you leave without celebrating your big 21st! :)

in between days


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