Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Is it not sad that we live in a society where we have to justify our every actions in order to prove ourselves to others.
Failure  to declare something or practice something, would simply be assumed that he/she does not all.
So do we now have to make statements so we won’t be perceived a certain way anymore?

Sometimes with so many different types of social networks, we find it in ourselves the need to make a statement or say something in order to be pictured a certain way.

Just because I don’t say I love apples doesn’t mean I don’t love them.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Monday, February 27, 2012

Plan B

A last outing before our uni semester officially starts. (sigh)

After being bombarded with SO many ideas of places to go and cravings to fulfill, we (Lillian & I) decided to (finally) try Eggs Benedict at Plan B, Bangsar. One of those "forever say want to go" but never did.

We ordered Eggs Benedict and Turkey Ham and Cheesie Toast. We shared half half.
The Eggs Benedict was really good! but thank goodness we shared because no matter how much I love my eggs, eating the whole plate makes me queasy. Too much of the same thing I guess?
Turkey Ham & Cheesie Toast was alright though a bit salty for some reason.

Was madly craving for coffee there but decided not to since we also wanted to check out Antipodean.
Coffee, something that I now realise is present in all our outings together recently.

I dont always see this girl but when I do it always ends up with a happy well day spent.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

We are surrounded  with a mirror of who we are, who we will be and by a minuscule, who who avoid to be.

This has not always been apparent, and still it may take some time to recognize of which is what.

People are kind, people are cruel.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

to hurt

Still a little thrown back and offended by what you said. It might have been intended, it might not.

I still think it was meant to be jammed a certain way. Unnecessarily.

Friday, February 24, 2012


I was finding for something in my storage and then I came across an album that holds very fond memories.
Im not sure if I ever blogged about my experienced during this trip before although im sure I have, but here's my perspective of it after all these years.

I first joined The Star BRATs a young journalist program by The Star Newspaper back when I was 17 in 2008. Honestly the only reason I joined was because my sister did when she herself was 17 and the whole idea seemed really fun since Ive always had an interests in journalism but never though I should pursue it.

We had to write essays in to qualify for it, and I did so they sent a bunch of us, strangers to one another to Penang for 3 days. We learnt the basics, interviewing people, taking photographs and writing our own articles. To be honest, that trip was good but not great. Once I got back I just left it at that and didnt think about it any further.

Every year they would hold 3 trips for newbies like the one i went to in Penang. After that, they'd shortlist the whole group and reinvite those shortlisted to another year end trip. This trip would not be just newbies but people who had already gone once and would go again for a slightly more harder journalism challenge.

I was fortunate enough to be shortlisted but had doubts if I should go since it was post SPM and the previous experience in Penang didnt quite temp me that much to go again.
Somehow everything fell into place and pointed me into the direction that I should.
That year end they flew us to Sabah for 5 days.

Upon arrival they did the usual ice breaking session.
They told us to chose a speciality; articles, videos or photography. I chose the latter. Then they dropped a news like a bomb. They told us we had 5 minutes to text/call our loved ones and then they'd take away our phones for 5 days.
Made me even more vulnerable. I was there, in Sabah for the first time ever, no phone, on an island and no one close that I could call.

Honestly, I think taking away our phone was the best thing ever. No distractions at all and I think I may have well had one of the most memorable 5 days ever.

It was in that trip I realised how much i adored photgraphy. I was the year my dad had just bought the dSLR for family use and the first time I was using it on my own.
Pictures below were taken from my camera, no filters no edits.

We went to the orang utan reservation, interviwed/visited the locals and went food hunting.
Of course a we were still learning to be a journalist, so we had deadlines for our articles, photographs and videos due. 30 teens rushing to finish their assignment on numerous laptops on a 10 feet table in the jungle.

Another thing I clearly remembered was camping outdoors for the first time. I did sleep in the tent before but that was in my own home or within the school compounds. This was cold, wet, grass, jungle, trees, mosquitoes, pitch black dark, bathe in cold water outdoor.
Also, I remembered our 3 km hike up to our campsite and getting bitten my numerous leaches but still having the best time ever.

Truly grateful for whatever lead me on to this trip.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Saw this window mirror the other day at a craft's store. Instantly fell in love with it! Even my mom loved it.
Moved my old mirror to a new position which I also like very much.
Had an idea to buy hooks and screw them at the bottom so I could hang all my necklaces and all that.

Dont mind the old holes in the wall from when my previous mirror was set up. Working on something to patch it up ;)

Went into the same crafts store with Sarah Ooi yesterday like we always do, bought charms, jump rings and strings to DIY our own bracelets :)
Fun when you have a friend to think of new DIY things to do! She was also the first to introduce me to the whole clay baking thing :D

*sorry if my pictures colours are a little weird, photos were taken during the night with my phone.

Monday, February 20, 2012

open the door

browsing through facebook and then suddenly i miss school.
it feels so distant that I dont remember how it feels like to wear the uniform, walk around only at certain hours and how young everyone looks.

primary school friends who came to the same high school
what i love about schools in usj is that everyone somehow knows everyone and will continue to recognise each other. no?

darren and leona. tsk tsk tsk! :p

I feel a little sad that I can never have those moments again.


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