Saturday, June 23, 2012

Plan B, Paradigm

For my belated birthday dinner with my highschool loves, I chose to go to Plan B, Paradigm.
Initially I wanted Plan B for their breakfast menu but little did I know, breakfast menu ends at 6pm :(
Still the food was good!

Leona's Fisherman's Catch, RM24
breaded white fish fillet on a milk bun with green slaw & home-made lemon-dill tartare sauce.

 Lillian's Ox Tongue Sandwich. RM24
on wholemeal, with hot English mustard & a whole gherkin

nobody wanted to touch the gherkin but i actually kinda like it.
taste like pickle though it looks pretty gross

the meat was realllyyyy tender!

 Rachel and I order Smoke Salmon Sandwich, RM20
with cream cheese relish, fresh mesclun and a twist of lemon.
I really liked this! because I was craving for salmon

 I decided to change my chips to fries.

 Tze Yin's Spicy Crabmeat Linguine, RM24
scented with lemongrass & kaffir lime, tossed with tomatoes, garlic & spiced prawn oil

Lynette's & Sueen's Asian-Style Golden Softshell Crab Spaghetti, RM24
tossed in creamy butter sauce, topped with crispy curry leaves & chilli flakes.
This smelt and tasted SO GOOD. but was really really oily.
Also abit jelak after a while but it was really really good.
If you like to eat butter prawns or those buttermilk based kinda stuff, this is soooo for you.

 Siew Lee's Spaghetti Cabonara, RM20
with turkey ham & sauteed mushrooms, tossed in classic creamy sauce.
This was also really good! but as usual, with all cabonaras, it gets a little (or very) jelak after a while,
still I love a good cabonara :)

 Kay's Chicken Pie, RM17
Herby chicken, wood ears and leeks in a light creamy base.
Dont be fooled by the picture because she ate a little already and the eaten part is hiding behind. 

Red Velvet Cake!, RM9
I think so far, the best ive tasted

Would definitely recommend Plan B. They have an outlet in Bangsar and soon to be opened in Midvalley.
Definitely recommend try their breakfast menu too! 

my 21st, 6 days later

It just happened a few hours ago and I feel the urge to blog about it since i'll be heading to my UK/Europe trip tomorrow. Something I dont want to miss blogging about.

So yesterday I had plans to go paintball with these people & then head for seafood at Telok Gong.
I saw the deal on a website and decided to plan for paintball. Sarah said we could go for dinner afterwards since wayyy before this, Meiyee and Sarah did casually somewhat said we could have a post birthday dinner while we are all gathering together. All I thought was gonna happen was that we were just gonna have seafood and maybe a cake would come out. Thats it.
Plus I was worried that everyone would be too tired for dinner from paintball, so in my mind, I was also expecting a last minute change of plans of it being canceled or maybe us just going to McDs nearby.

Paintball finished around 4pm. I could sense that everyone was rushing to go home by 3.30pm but all I thought was that they wanted to freshen up and probably get a nap before our scheduled 7.30pm dinner.

Shiat Teen, Lily, Kay, Christine
Sarah, Jasmine, Meiyee

The plan to bring me there was also very very well planned cause I did not suspect a thing!
That morning, Darren came over to pick me (and kay who slepover) up. He told me earlier that he would be coming early and I thought he wanted to come early so he could catch the NBA finals at my place which he did.
Halfway through our day after paintball, he said that he couldnt find his pendrive and Kenneth really needed it & said that the only place he went to that day was my place, so he left it there. He actually REALLY left it there but on purpose. Just incase I got the idea to call my mom to look for it, because if she didnt find it we wouldnt have a reason to go back to my place. He said we could head back to my place on the way to dinner since we could use KESAS. I dont know why but my mom could have just lied to me what.

Maybe they were afraid my mom would be toooo honeset and blurt out that the pendrive wasnt at home, and we would have no reason to go back.

Got calls from others who said that they would be late and told darren and I not to rush because it was jam wherever they were. So darren went to wash his car  & went to carrefour to apparently buy cup noodles because he was really hungry and we had time. All this was really believable because his car was memang really dirty and we really did have time so why not go buy cup noodles. hahahaha.

When we reached my house I quickly went it, all my bag pack and clothes from paintball in hand and saw my dad who looked shocked to see me, but only because they didnt know I was coming home for the "pendrive" so his reaction was expected but really, come to think of it, his reaction had panic written all over it. As i rushed in I saw loads of greens and realise there was a surprise. :')
Every single one of them wore a different shade of green because my favourite colour is mint green and the balloons they bought for me were mint green, teal and white. prettiest set of balloons ever!

Thank you all so so much for this. So much love so much laughter and honestly one of the most memorable days ever!

Also, special thanks to Sarah for being such an amazing friend who initiated it and did a huge part of the planning. :') You were too good that I didnt suspect a thing! I dont think I gave you enough thanks but really thank youuuuuuu! I havent heard the whole story, but from what I heard, it was Sarah who contacted my sister and made arrangements with my parents.
Also thanks to her pro mom for the meatballs, and lasagna! and also meiyee and Sarah for the adorable banner <3 <3 <3

Who knew that 3 years ago when I first met this group it would end up like this. 
If it wasnt for Darren who introduced me to his college friends, these people would have never been family.
Who knew that this girl ive only knew 2 years ago would be planning my party plus both of us werent even in the original college group, but still received so much love from them <3 

Thank you all for my bruises from paintball and thank you all for the family love. :)

ps: thank you to the people who gave me a whole box of mint green items! 
Loving everything inside! & I think the best part in the box was the personal notes from everyone :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


The people who made sure I had a good 16th June :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

3 days

Dare I say I am back?
yes I am!
Have been a slave to exams recently. I dont why I do this to myself. Even when i TRY to relax and so something fun I would be feeling extremely guilty until it turns my mood around and ill get upset at myself for wasting precious time.
Even so, id rather sit at home and watch tv than go out even though im not studying doing either of them. but staying at home feels more reassuring.
Thankfully its done! & now I have a week before my biggest holiday ever. :)

The day after my exams I went for tea with my family.
I cannot stress enough on how much I LOVE tea. not quite literally the tea drink but the whole cake, scones and all that good stuff. love love love!

Rachel's farewell number 1 !
wont be around for the other one :(

Went out with my sister yesterday cause she's going back to Singapore today.
Also cause it was my birthday and I didnt have any plans for the afternoon.

our matchy shoes! :D

Dinner at night with my family and Darren at Ole Ole Bali

Also, below is me and my sister's rather futile attempt to make a photo frame for my dad with decos we hand made with clay. hahahahahaha.
So the only thing I made was the polo t. In my defense, I was having exams :p

Happy Fathers Day!

Oh! Received my birthday present from Darren and I LOVE IT.
& of course I love the fact that he knew what id like :D 
though a hilarious story follows. Cant wait to wear it!

ahh, hello life!
All the sudden after exams I have too many things to post about. :D


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