Friday, August 31, 2012


some things you dont have to wonder about when asked. that absolute fleeting moment of confirmation. i know it whole heartedly without a doubt and nothing can be said to tell me how irrational this ridicule foretelling is. simply, just because. simply, because I know. 

amongst all the ambiguity and questions of everyday, this would be definite.

and simply because with every being, essence, profound belief; this was, is and will be.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

21 Ways You Should Take Advantage Of Your 20s

was reading this hilarious entry of "21 Ways You Should Take Advantage Of Your 20s"

and so number 18 said:

18. Walk into Forever 21 and grab every single crappily-made floral dress available. Is every other girl on the street wearing it? Is it literally falling apart at the seams? Is it also actually five dollars? BUY IT IMMEDIATELY. When you get older, your clothing becomes all expensive blazers and tailored khakis and other pieces that won’t break while on your body. That will be a great day — the day when your closet starts to look respectable. Though those outfits are more expensive, they also last longer and look better on you. You will be a classy human ready to take on the future. But as long as you’re still in your 20s? You know — the demographic of Forever 21? Game on, stretchy black dress with pockets that lasts about a week. Game on. 

read here!


pictures of my surprise 21st this year. read
pictures credit to michael.

i know its been two months! but realised i didnt have time to share these when i left for my holiday, and ever since i came back, my blog has only been bombarded with my holiday pictures.

Balloons in shades of green. though the balloons look bluish here.
but in real life i would really say they were spot on!
To make it clear, I dont fancy any green. just this particular shade of mint green :)

HUGE box of present from some of them <3

family minus sister

who went all out to dress up in green. sooo touched.

bruise from paintball earlier in the day.

i love my balloons

and my furball

sitting according to gradient

obviously the girls had clothes that were more spot on the green i liked,
but huge props to the guys for playing along. :D

meet my lovable boyfriend

who always and i mean ALWAYS get caught in scandalous pictures
regardless if I am physically present or not.

and again

and again

and again.
(more photos over the internet during other occasions, but just for this post also caught in action twice) :p

meet more of my cute friends:


Monday, August 20, 2012

week four

Sunday, August 19, 2012

I am the guy who will persist in his path,
I am the guy who makes you laugh,
I am the guy who strives to be open,
I am the guy who's been heartbroken,
I am the guy who's been on his own
and I am the guy who's felt alone,
I am the guy who holds your hand,
and I am the guy the will stand up and be a man,
I am the guy who stands up and be better,
I am the guy who's the whitest half-Cuban, ever,
I am the guy who's lost more than he's won,
I am the guy who's turned but never spun,
I am the guy you couldn't see,
Im that guy,
and that guy's me.

by Blake Jenner

Saturday, August 11, 2012

week three: Warner Brothers Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter


12 July 2012

One of the most exciting things during my trip for me was the trip to Warner Brother's Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter, which was opened only this year at the end of March 2012.
Im a big fan and it was very very exciting to see my childhood book come to life before my very eyes.

Woke up super early that morning when we left from Nicole's house to take the tube.
Took the Kennington tube to Euston on the Northern line and took the London Overground all the way to Watford Junction. It took us about an hour to get there, and it was really pricey because we had to cross alot of zones.
Then, took a custom bus from the station to the studio.
From the outside, the studio just looked like a factory slapped in the middle of nowhere with some fancy signs, still everyone on the bus were crazy excited.

Everything below is the exact props and sometimes the exact location of where they filmed the movie.

*Forgive me if i sound overexcited and a little geeky. Truth be told, I think I am.

The cupboard under the stairs

In the great hall where they filmed most of the great hall scenes.
Exact costumes :OOO

some went a little giggly when the speaker said that Robert Pattinson wore those exact clothes.

Stared at these for a while.
Yule Ball outfits

and Ron's
The details of it in real life is hilarious.
Heard a lady go "poor Ron"

Fleur Delacour's from the Goblet of Fire.
 I really liked this!

Harry's outfit for the scene in the room of requirement, when he was searching for that last horcrux.
as you can see, he wears Uniqlo's jeans and Topman's t shirt. hahahaha

Elder Wand's and others.
Stared at this for a long time too! 
Everyone's wand is different and you cant help but gaze in awe of how pretty and creative they are.

Details on Invisibility Cloak.

Gargoyle to Dumbledore's office

Golden Egg from Goblet of Fire


Marauders Map

Voldemort's tombstone

Privet Drive

Dead Dobby

They had these 3D paper models of every building and the details were immaculate

Humongous model of Hogwarts. 
How they films overviews of the castle.

Individual wands.

The both of us took 5 hours of what was said to be a 2-3 hour tour.
We took our time and it was so hard to pull ourselves away from it because honestly, this was a once in a life time sort of thing. 

Happy :D


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