Thursday, September 27, 2012


monash ball 2012

my first (if i may) prom and probably my last.
i had a busy few weeks prior to the ball and i even had an assignment due on that day itself so i didnt really have time to feel excited.

met up at sarah's with mei ping to get ready.
brought loads of stuff over as if i was sleeping over.
took our time getting ready and suddenly 3 hours flew by and it was about time to leave.
initially darren couldnt pick me up because he would be late so michael and sarah offered to pick me; hence, me getting ready at her place, but in the end darren made it back in time and thankfully his house was just a minute away from sarah's.

i know how people think prom is cliche and have the connotation of what its like, let me tell you, all that, is probably true, but!, it wasnt just about the food, the venue, or the performance but the kind of milestone you'd have to experience in your life, with friends with loved ones. i probably feel this way because this was my first, and will probably feel all meh if i ever go to another (?), but as of now, despite the disappointing food, weird emcee and sometimes awkward performances, it was good : )

but anyway, with that said:

orchid corsage :)


darren :)
i told him i would surprise him with a tie that matched my dress (that was before i found a dress), but i spared him the pink tie and went with a champagne gold instead to match my accessories

sarah and mei ping:))

lynette, siew lee and leona!
highschool girlfriends :)

super cute picture!

primary and highschool friend, ivan

and pretty ashley!

super like this photo of them!

siew lee looking pretty in pink!

ending the night, full of love.

pictures credit to leona, siew lee and sarah.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

after all that, its my turn to leave.
no, i dont feel a thing.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


After badminton, visited Kay for the last time before she left again to UK :'(
It was a last minute plan and we only stayed for a few hours because I had a driving curfew.
Was super tempted to stay over too but I had too much work on my mind and to finish, that I had to sadly decline. :(

Digressing a little, september is almost over. 
Party glad  because that means my busy month is almost over!
Partly dreading it because this means exams are nearing. 
Our exam time tables came up and I think ive got the worst timetable ive ever gotten so far.
4 papers in a week: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.
The thought of that week scares me.
Regardless of all that, this semester has been good to me and fingers cross itll stay that way.

Anyway, one more year till the woman comes back and hopefully for good!

Friday, September 7, 2012


sometimes i really miss it.
that overwhelming omg-i-am-here feeling. i dont think words or pictures are enough to describe the monumental surge of emotions a person can have, the kind when you are at the brink of tears of joy.

i remember those two days where the photos above were taken, possibly one of the two hottest days in Paris. the weather was unpredictable everyday so most of the time we went out clad in jeans and long sleeves. really glad ive kept a daily journal. because everything i need to relive my days are in that little brown book.

oh and to be completely honest, Paris is not as romantic as it seems. i think it is wayyy overrated. 
it would definitely still be worthy of places to go and i have no regrets whatsoever that i went; however, i doubt that i would want to go back for the second time because once was enough. IF i were to ever go back it would solely be for Eiffel and The Lourve. i used to think Paris was my destination for romance, but im crossing that out of my honeymoon list. maybe it was the dodgy area we resided in, but even so, ask anyone who's been to Paris recently and im sure they'd say Paris is overrated.

suddenly reminiscing because i was showing my sister some stuff i bought for her from my trip.
also my mom said what a horrible shopper i am for buying so little things. i was making a mental list of the things i bought, and even my mom says it wasnt much, that she gave me a tiny joking lecture on how i was too stingy. never have i ever heard my mom or even myself think that i shopped too little. hahahaha!


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