Tuesday, November 27, 2012

by the week

  • Thursday

Coffee and lunch catch up.
& turquoise chopsticks souvenir!

  • Friday

Low Yat with Darren to get phone covers (no not for me :p).
& I finally got a portable charger for myself.

  • Saturday

Finally fixed my ring that came off the day I bought it (ages ago)

  • Sunday

Early morning hearty breakfast at Darren's courtesy of his mom before church.
& my favourite Christmas mug. A slow but lovely Sunday.

  • Monday

Christmas tree finally up! Took a detour from our usual boring red deco and insisted on going for gold, silver and blue this year.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

barbes rochechouart

Lovely photos taken by Lillian.

I can close my eyes and envision it as it is.
I worry that one day I will be stuck thinking of it only as a dream.

I take back what I said before about Paris.
That one time was enough.

Who am I kidding, I want to do it all over again. pigeon shit, dodgy metros and all.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Monday, November 19, 2012

15 ways

  • 5. Accepting and embracing drama. When you graduate high school, the cattiness and immaturity proceed to follow some. We have to refuse to be a part of any high school level shenanigans. Hearsay, gossip, he-said-she-said — all those bastards got a diploma and followed some miserable souls well into their 20s. It’s a matter of rejecting the slightest hint of drama, and wisely refusing to speak, act, or feel anything based off of it.

Refusing to be a part of high school level shenanigans just said it all.
A very amusing read

Read more at The Thought Catalog

Sunday, November 18, 2012


Had my very first Thanksgiving dinner last Thursday.
Celebrated with amazing food and fun company of 8. So much to be thankful for and that day was definitely one of them. I couldnt have asked for a better first Thanksgiving.

photos taken with my iPhone.

Super nice dining area.

the table to prep our food.

French Onion soup by Darren's mom. Super nice with tiny bacon bites!

Made by Laura.
prawn, mangoes, passion fruit, avacados, tortilla chips

Also made by Laura
Roasted Pork!

with super awesome stuffings!
skin was also super crispy and sinful.

pork served with apple sauce, side servings of salad and pasta with pesto sauce.
Had to take a break before desserts.

Super love the teapot collection at Aunty Jenny's house.
This isnt even half of it.

Heart shape tea cup.
& some super aromatic TWG tea which i forgot the name of but really liked.

Apple pie by Su Leen!

& Chocolate Almond Meringue also by Su Leen!
Super love this.

Tummy super happy by the end of the night, although i felt a bit scared of meat the next day.
Though I wouldnt mind a plate or two more of those desserts!

So much to be thankful for, I dont know why its not our norm to celebrate Thanksgiving, its such a happy positive day. I guess you could correlate Thankgiving with Christmas, but sometimes I think people get a little clouded with the idea of gifts or presents during Christmas, and forgetting the true meaning of Christmas.

 I think we should all relish in all the things we have to be thankful for, and i think Thanksgiving would mean no other thing than just that.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

those boring rants #27

The past week has got to be one of the worst weeks this year.

Had four papers in a week which was a first. I usually dread back-to-back papers but when i got 4 in a week I was just in such disbelief.

The week finally came and I was so cautious to drink plenty of water to keep hydrated so I wouldnt fall sick. My whole family had been coughing and sneezing the entire week, I made loads of precautionary measures not to fall sick.  The one thing I did not prepare for however was gastric.

I usually almost never get gastric, im just not prone to it and i never skip meals, but the thing about me when i study is, that i will not allow myself a meal time break until im done with the chapter. So instead of my usual 6pm dinner time, id sometimes drag it all the way till 9pm. I totally did not realise how much it was affecting me until the second day of my exam when i started throwing up from all the acid and gas inside me. Even went into the exam hall feeling nauseous and was that close to asking for a leave and retaking the exam some other time. I took a few deeps breaths, said a prayer, kept calm and carried on. Threw up again the day after and quickly went to see the doctor. He was so shocked by the amount of wind ive managed to accumulate.

Lesson learnt.

I am SO grateful that the horrendous week is over, just to think that I was only preparing for my first paper last week!

Half looking forward to the holidays, another half of me is sad.
Only because my other half will be away for a long long time :(

Anyways, looking forward to fill this space again : )


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