Friday, December 28, 2012

Hong Kong Disneyland

Disneyland post!

 We were pretty near not going to Disneyland because people told my mom and sis that it was more to please little ones and that it wasnt that great. Thank goodness I insisted on going because the three of us loved it to bits at the end of the day.

To start off:
We began our day early so we could reach Disneyland early. It was definitely an experience, travelling with the working population of Hong Kong clad in suits. Walking through and transiting between stations with thousands of people walking in their own path like a bunch of zombies. Starring straight ahead not talking, just walking.

Reached Sunny Bay Station and had to take the Disneyland Resort Line to Disneyland.
That was when everyone started squealing in excitement because the train we had to changed to was decked out in Disney goodness!

Right outside the train station upon arrival

Walk a bit more and a HUGE fountain welcomes you :)
You can even see Mickey riding up and down the water

Prior to this we booked our tickets online so we didnt have to queue for our tickets. 
So we headed straight for the AutoMagic Ticket Dispensing Machines and got our tickets right away.

There is basically six areas to cover.
Main Street, USA : all the souvenirs you can buy and I would say at a fair price!
Adventureland : attractions related to The Lion King & Tarzan
Toy Story Land : attractions related to Toy Story (obviously)
Grizzly Gulch : attractions related to Brother Bear
Fantasyland : attractions related to the Disney princesses
Tomorrowland : attractions related to Buzz Lightyear and Stitch

There are loads of plays (that you cannot and must miss!) and of course the daily parade.
So if you were going, I would suggest you to quickly grab a map of the area so you wont be walking in circles and get an itenary so you'd know when the plays and shows start.

We spend a good 10 hours there but didnt managed to ride everything (skipped the kid rides).

There were also loads of mascots around but there were queues to take pictures with them.
Seeing that we didnt have time to waste time lining up, we only managed a picture with Alice.

Also, it was really near Christmas so we were fortunate enough to enjoy the fake snow (foam) in Main Street, USA. Ill take any form of snow.

Hong Kong's Disneyland already left me so giddily happy, I dont know how I would feel if I went to the ones in USA.

For those of you hesitant to go, Id say go for it!
Even if this is not for you and that you had regrets going, how can you say that in your lifetime, you'd miss the opportunity to go to Disneyland when you had the chance? :D

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Snippets of Hong Kong and my favourite part: Disneyland!
Some people say Hong Kong's Disneyland cannot be compared to the ones in USA. I think I will just shed tears of joy when I do step foot into that Disneyland.
Trying to cut down on the crazy amount of photos we managed to take within just 5 days.

Beyond thankful that Ive had the chance to travel to six different countries within these six months.
Previously, I definitely was not a frequent traveler, much up till the point that I never felt a hyped for traveling overseas because I never knew what I was missing out on; up till now.
I can officially say, I am addicted. Of course only to the extent that time and money will allow.
Just as Id saved for years for the uk/europe trip, here I am starting again, for wherever it will take me.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Had a family road trip up north to Penang this week, which is actually my hometown but I havent been back for maybe 3 years?
Revisited some familiar faces. The plan was to stay in the mainland since my dad is from the mainland but my parents decided to book a hotel at the island particularly close to where Darren was temporarily staying so we could take him out for dinner (and so I could see him) *happy.

One of the things I remembered very clearly is the Peranakan Mansion we visited in Georgetown.
A RM10 entry fee is definitely worth paying. The whole mansion felt like a movie set yet, you knew that its origins were also carefully preserved so you knew it definitely wasnt modified to suit tourist.
I myself am not a Nyonya but loved it! I also had chills at certain parts of the house because it was obvious that someone once stayed there before, using those things.

Then took a few turns to a nearby place to have some famous laksa and cendol :)
If you ever drop by Penang, just type "Lebuh Keng Kwee" into your Google Maps to point you there!

Pinang Peranakan Mansion
29, Church Street, 
10200 Penang,


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