Monday, February 25, 2013

those boring rants #28

Its been a while since ive had wordy post on my blog, the kind that i just type along as i go.

Usually every year i begin with this rejuvenated, enthusiastic outlook of whats to come that year, but i learnt along the way that, i get disappointed the most when i expect that much of myself and what i want to happen. So for 2012, I went in the year with the mindset of letting things happen as they do, take it all in and not cry over spilled milk.

I think last year was one of the best year I had to be honest.

Particularly over something ive been praying for and sharing my concerns with the ones that have been there for me and with me. Here is my thanks to those of you who were there endlessly and showing me your sincere joy when things fell into place. some who've even took the time to pray for me :')

On a another note, im happy that ive learnt (and still am learning), to let go.
Pessimism is an ugly trait and I thank the ones who kicked me to my senses not just solely bearing with it.
I think its an entirely different matter when just bearing with something, throwing the sheets over an elephant and putting it temporarily out of sight. I think it takes a great deal of patience and love to help; knowing that the other person will be stubbornly kicking and shouting. Refraining.


Its quickly transitioning into the third month of the year, the last semester of my official studious life.
Would definitely say that this is more of a bitter than sweet moment. Then again, i am somewhat ready to unravel the new part of my life. But first of course, looking forward to my last first day of class next week!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

chinese new year 2013

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Disney girls


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