Monday, May 20, 2013


Why hello there.

Clearly ive been a very horrible blogger but i would never give this place up.

Id have to admit, most of the time its because i have nothing much to blog about or say. 
I mean, i have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in which I am constantly using, so if you'd piece it up together you'll probably know what ive been doing (haha!).
But i still like having this space to ramble on and blog about things in slight detail and what not.

So anyways, the past four weeks was a little cray for me, with three mid semester tests and four assignments.
I think partially why it was so heavy for me was because three out of four of the assignments i had were 30% individual assignments and i did not want to screw anything up.
Throughout my whole three and a half years in Monash so far, never once had my assignments been postpone, but somehow this semester, ALL four were postponed, which was quite annoying because it screwed up my work schedules- but what matters is its over! 
Also, since all the work was lumped together, I now have a few weeks to prepare for finals, something pretty rare.

I passed up my last ever university assignment on Thursday and on Saturday we headed to Baci to celebrate Meiyee's and Mike's [ missing Shiatteen :( ] belated birthdays.

* stuck at home for four weeks i was soooooooo happy to go out.

Something we do every year in May :)
What I love is how enthusiastic the bunch is that we plan months (not joking) in advance of our next outings. With such a huge (and ever growing) group and people who live all over the place it gets pretty hard to accommodate everyone and make sure people are free. Hence the enthusiasm of extremely early planning.

Im about a month away from closing this study chapter in my life. bitter sweet.

I would loveeee to shower you with pretty pictures of the places ive been to and all that but lets be honest, I really do have a dull daily routine. 
I spend my time in class or home during the weekdays and during the weekends, I either go over to Darren's or he comes over to my house so we both can hang out and do our work somemore. Worst is i only see him on average, once a week D: 

so please bare with me (if anyone is even still reading my blog)!

Happy belated birthday Shiatteen, Meiyee & Mike!


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