Saturday, June 29, 2013


Picked this lady up as soon as she finished her paper.
I finished mine 3 days prior to that plus I havent seen her in like a million years :p
Headed to a place nearby Monash: Upstairs Cafe. My first time! and I really like it so far :)
I had spaghetti cabonara and the caffe latte which were both good and reasonably priced! Too bad I was too full I didnt have room for desserts :(
Will definitely go back to have a taste.

Dont mind how pale and weary I look. Even after a few days of post-exams stress I am still recuperating.
I looked the worst the day I finished exams! Literally felt and looked like a cave man.

Im not sure if its because im in the final semester of my final year and that the subjects seemed harder to study for or if its because im so close to the end it just got so hard to face the books. Studying this semester was such a dreadful task. Maybe its also because its been the longest exam duration ive ever had and that I had two papers in a day? But then again, I would pick this time table over the one I had last semester which was four papers in five days. But hey! its over now and I can rejoice that I made it :D Definitely with divine intervention that kept me calm, family who treated me like a queen and friends who cared :)

The after-exams feeling is always the best ! and its going to be very bitter-sweet that this will officially be my last time sitting for exams this way. I wouldnt say it would be my last time studying, because im sure in the future I would probably take up a course or a certification kinda thing which would require studying for, but this is definitely a seal in this part of my life. :')

In terms of what my future would be like is, so far, a complete blur to me. Im the kind that dislikes not knowing where im headed to exactly or not being in control of my own whereabouts but for this moment, all I can do is wait and hope for the best. More on that next time.

As for now, there seems to be a lot I want to do, the things i put on hold while I had assignments and exams.
Definitely going to use this time to rest, catch up on my reading, catch up with good friends, and get my life into order. I have this strong tendency to clean my room every time I finish exams. One because my room always end up in such a chaotic state during exams and because I have this OCD to arrange / plan my things.



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