Wednesday, November 20, 2013

revisiting monash

Has it really been almost three months since i last updated?
I honestly really miss updating this space.

Last week, Sarah and I had to stop by Monash to register for our graduation photography packages, so we decided to make an outing out of it and snap some pictures around Monash while we were at it : )
Just within the span of four months the campus changed so much that it didnt feel like ours anymore, like something that was such a big part of us, that we had to wrap up and hand it away.

I am beyond thankful to have met this woman during the first week of uni back in 2010 in Business Economics and Statistics. I almost did not enroll for this unit because I wanted to take another unit first, but had that happened, I think my whole uni experience would have shifted.

We had to heave the huge graduation photo frames around with us, hence the Monash University paperbag.
Goodbye Monash, thank you and i'll definitely miss you.


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