Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Quar/tet (Quartet), TTDI & Sukha/Mukha, TTDI

It was a good day out with my very pretty friends above!
Met all of them through Darren during his college days.
One of them was in his course, and the other two were (and still is) his course-mate's girlfriends.
Needless to say, we click :)

Short review:
Decided to try Quar/tet at TTDI. 
Actually found the pricing very reasonable for their portions and I love how quiet the area was (for now) instead of the usual overflowing crowd/no parking cafes. Food wasnt amazing but it was satisfactory enough for me! & I lovee me some bagels anytime. They also had to serve our food in paper plates and cups due to the water rationing, but hey, they were of good quality & I thought it was cute!
Took a detour to Sukha/Mukha also in TTDI for some cakes. Meh.

Quar/Tet TTDI
21, Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 7, 
Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 
Kuala Lumpur.
Sun-Thurs, 8am-9pm. 
Fri-Sat, 8am-10pm

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

tapered paper

Edited :-

So there are a few things ive been wanting to I guess, speak about now but was never actually able to hit the publish button. 

Obviously, when this space is so public it scares me to say some things for the fear of being critiqued. I guess that never changes anyways -

Growing up, I guess you could say my family lived a decent lifestyle. We had a house that we owned, cars my parents each had before my sister and I could drive and basic daily necessities, just like everyone else. My dad worked and my mom worked from home so she could ferry us to school, and just take care of me, my sister and the house because we never had a maid. Even though she worked from home, it wasnt a full day job that warranted a fixed monthly income. (Side note: It wasnt that my mom could not find a job. Infact she was a tailor and had the opportunity to open her own establishment and had many articles published commending on her artistic work, but she forgo-ed that for us.) I guess with a sort of skewed income, “fancy” food (like Jap), techy gadgets and overseas holidays were very rare or nonexistent as far as I remembered.

Fast forward to the future, it was time for college. I remembered clearly the day my sister got the call. We were in Penang when she was informed that she succeeded in getting a scholarship to study in Singapore. I was too young to realize it at that time but it was also around the time leading up to the Global Financial Crisis. Just like everyone else, we had to be prudent financially. I guess it was a no-brainer for her to accept it. So after 15 years, my one and only sibling left home to study abroad, and to this day, live in another country. 

Then came my turn to attend college and I was beyond blessed to receive my own scholarship. I say blessed because I wasn’t the smartest in my class, I wasnt the most qualified, and I certainly wasn’t the most deserving candidate among my peers, but against all odds, I was given this opportunity. It wasnt somewhere overseas but I considered myself lucky nonetheless. Those doors were open merely at the right place, and at the right time, if you may. & for that, is why I say I am blessed.

I had my own turmoils and there were loads of tears but that’s for another story.

So, for about four years I was not only funded to pursue the degree that I hold now, but also given monthly allowances. I could pay for my own petrol consumption, my phone bill, my daily meal expenses, and still have enough to save. Since I was 18, I stopped accepting allowances from my parents.

I am now a working adult and I now understand how difficult it is to earn your keep and realize how (again) blessed we are to have been funded financially. I was told that without those scholarships, my parents could probably not afford to send me and my sister to any private institutions thereafter.

With all that being said, yes, I now (and while I was studying) occasionally indulge in Jap, I have techy gadgets like smartphones and tablets, I have my own car and I have had the opportunity to travel beyond what I could have imagine. But I never took any of that for granted. While I was still studying, I paid for my flight ticket to London - my first overseas trip in 10 years (discounting Singapore, to visit my sister)  and I paid for my own iPhone. It may have seem like I had it easy; I didnt. They were not something I requested and simply received. I funded it with all the money I had so prudently saved from my scholarship's monthly allowance after sustaining myself monthly. Despite me and my sister both having our own individuals scholarships, we never settled for more than we needed. I am not saying that we were ever poor or whatnot. Up to this day, I am still driving my second-hand car for five years and I paid a portion for the braces I am having on now. Basically what I am saying is that, my parents did not owe me anything merely because I saved their money on my education.

Moving on from that phase in my life, I am still that frugal spender. Guilt me for being occasionally thrifty but money at one point in my life, was, I would say, not completely disposable. 

You might review me as someone who is often ever so parsimonious and yet awash with so much, but frugality has given me these comforts. The things and possessions I now own; the clothes, the bags, my techy gadgets etc, are what I worked hard for, what I saved on my own, while I was still a teenager; even when I didnt have to and something that was not from my parent’s pockets.

I may be exasperatingly frugal at times despite seeming like Ive had my share of the little luxuries in life, but know this: Know where im coming from, know where I came from.


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