Friday, May 2, 2014

37 Degree(s)

37 Degree(s) Graphic Design and Illustration Exhibition

Congrats Sueen! You did well :)

A piece of Rachel in her portfolio

Lillian being Lillian

It was Labour Day and we headed to Publika to support Sueen for her exhibition.
Honestly we did not know what we were going to besides her "graduation thing". We literally went to show her our support and love and didnt know what to expect. Personally I had loads of fun going through art pieces and hand made goodies.

Plus its always a ball of fun when we're all together. 
I met a majority of them exactly ten years ago. Big groups are hard to manage I have to admit. We are extremely diverse in every way possible with very different likes/dislikes and personalities; that we even range from graphic artists to psychologists to financial analysts to a chef. I cant even explain it, but when we're all together, it fits.

Minus one in UK, one in USA and one in Australia.

and for the sake of it:
Six years ago: Post SPM


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