Sunday, June 29, 2014

Birthday week

Birthday week:

Around the time of my birthday last year I was busy studying for my finals in my final semester.
On my birthday, I was between papers and was studying for my 3rd out of 4 papers and although I had 3 days before my 3rd paper I just wasnt in the mood for any celebrations. I even forbid Darren from coming over. I didnt see the point in a short meet up if I couldnt will myself to enjoy it. So my 22nd birthday came and gone.

So here was my 23rd birthday week in pictures:

13 June 2014
Dinner with Ausmats '09

15 June 2014
Brunch treat by highschool girlfriends at Frisky Goat.
I really honestly like their stuff!

15 June 2014
Birthday dinner plus Father's day dinner with Darren's family
Black forest cake above made by his mom

16 June 2014
Surprise package left on my desk from a colleague from another floor :)

17 June 2014

17 June 2014
Birthday lunch treat from CSR team at Kita No Zen

18 June 2014
Moreeeee cake left on my desk

The biggest handmade card ive ever received!

Thank you Meiyee dearest, it definitely deserves a big spot on my wall of notes/cards

Cant help but to post this.
A freaking flipping French Press from Lillian & Xin Yi.
Ive always wanted one but never could get myself to buy one. SOO excited to use this

Also celebrated my birthday together with Father's day with my family on the 14th and colleagues from my department on the 18th but no pictures :(

Thank you to all that took the time to wish me via text/calls/social media. :)

& of course a big big hug and wet kisses for those who brought me out for lunches/dinner and the amazing cards/notes/gifts. I know it doesnt sound like much, but I am completely grateful and thankful for everything. <3


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