Saturday, February 7, 2015

January 2015

January's Happenings 

  1. First trip to the new My Burger Lab (watching back I just realised I edited it as The Burger Factory - my bad!) outlet in Sunway. Tried the one in PJ before and really liked it but hated how crowded it was, so definitely a happy camper that this is here! Headed to One City after that because I havent been there at night. 
  2. Attended Adrie's wedding and it was so beautiful! Video honestly says it all. My favourite part of the whole clip.
  3. Starbucks on a Thursday night because I was madly craving for cake and good company :)
  4. The first video cameo of my little furball (who is sleeping next to me as I type this now), using the coffee press that Lillian and Xin Yi so thoughtfully got for me for my birthday last year, and me receiving mail because I love mail! and people who thoughtfully sent them.
  5. Meet up with the high school girls because Rachel is back! Had a good laugh playing Pictionary and it's always a good time when we're all together again.
  6. Work trip up north. Had my own room, a single bed and two whole nights of horrible sleep, Have I ever mentioned I hate sleeping in foreign places alone?
  7. Meet up with the group that I now gratefully call my own. Friends who I met through my boyfriend and who have warmly welcomed me in their company even when he's not around. 
  8. Present from mom for my 23rd. Extremely belated, because its only sold in the UK and it only arrived recently. All those months of oogling has come to an end! 

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